When trying to get pregnant, it is natural for a woman to start expecting a positive result in the very first attempt. However, this does not happen most of the time and usually you get a BFN. What is BFN? BFN means Big Fat Negative in the pregnancy tests you take. Getting such a result indicates that you haven't conceived which can be distressing.

Coping after getting a BFN isn't easy. You are experiencing a wide range of emotions and at the same time have to deal with your period as well. Your body feels exhausted and your mind is in shambles. But what does BFN mean really? And how is it happen?

Part 1: What Does BFN Mean?

If you are wondering what is BFN, then it is an abbreviation which can be usually seen when taking pregnancy tests. If you are asking the question "what does BFN mean," then the answer is Big Fat Negative or a negative pregnancy result. There are many other abbreviations that are associated with pregnancy and pregnancy tests. Here is chart for you to check:




Big Fat Positive


Aunt Flo or the period




Ovulation Prediction Kit


Darling Husband or Dear Husband


Baby Dance


Two Week Wait (in between the period and the ovulation)


Days Past Ovulation

Part 2: 5 Emotional Stages You May Experience After BFN


Refuse to Believe

You might start denying the fact that the result you got was truly accurate and that you are not pregnant. You will start questioning the authenticity of the store-bought home pregnancy tests and will refuse to believe what it is telling you thinking that the blood tests will surely prove that you are pregnant.



You might feel annoyed at your situation and start blaming others for no reason at all. For instance, you might blame your partner for your lack of success in conception which is totally unfair. Moreover, you start getting mad at people for no reason especially on those who are complaining about becoming pregnant.



Lack of success in conception and seeing BFN can make you so frustrated that you might start thinking that it is something that you are doing or eating which is hampering your pregnancy attempts. You might think that if you stop eating sugar or drinking coffee, then it might change things and help you in becoming pregnant.



You might start wondering how much longer you would have to wait before you finally become pregnant. You might feel so sad that you might want to stop trying at all thinking that it is fruitless and you would never be able to conceive. Such thoughts are irrational but you won’t be able to stop yourself from wondering whether they are true.



As your hormones settle down, you will finally accept the result and move on. You might start to see the brighter aspects again and realize that you still have time on your side and there is still hope for you to get pregnant. It might take time but eventually you will regain your composure and get back to your life.

Part 3: How to Deal With BFN


Think it as a new beginning

Try to think of the failed pregnancy attempt as a chance for you to start your efforts anew. Each new cycle brings new possibilities for you and the hope that this month would be the one for you. Thus, try to make full use of this new opportunity and nourish your body so that it is ready for conception.


Remember that your hard work hasn’t gone to waste

It is extremely important to remind yourself that they dieting you have done and the exercise regime you have followed in the hopes of getting pregnant have not all been a waste of time. They have been helping your body in remaining healthy, keeping you in shape and preparing you for the life after menopause.


Test as late as possible

Most women who are trying to conceive are very eager to get the test done. However, it is not a good idea since there is a chance that the test might yield inaccurate results if it is taken too early. Therefore, to get the most accurate result it is best that you take the test only a day before your period.


Try to busy yourself on the day of test

Make sure that you plan something nice to do on the day of the test. It does not have to be a big thing. A simple lunch with your husband, a blow dry or a visit to the theatre or cinema is good enough to keep you busy. Go through with the plan even if you get a negative result.


Confide your feelings in a trusted friend

You will feel extremely depressed after getting a negative pregnancy result. In order to get some of the burden off your shoulders, it is best to confide your feelings into a trusted friend. The person you tell your feelings about must have to be a good listener who talks less and understands what you are going through.


Give yourself some time before reevaluation

It is best not to start reevaluating your fertility treatments too soon after a negative pregnancy test. Give yourself at least 6 months before you start looking at other options like adoption or taking a break from your pregnancy attempts. You might feel frustrated and want to quit but wait for a little while more and you might get lucky.


Try acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the best fertility treatments available. It helps in reducing stress as well. So, it is important that you try it if you want to manage your stress properly and get yourself ready for a second attempt at conception. However, make sure that you get this treatment from a professional and licensed clinic to get the best results.


Go somewhere together

Plan a trip to a hill station or a quiet beach with your husband. It is going to help you in forgetting the recent failed attempt at conception and give you a break from the hectic schedule and the fertility treatments. Spending some quality time with your partner can also help you in figuring out about your next move.


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