Wine is an important guest when it comes to parties and romantic dinners and it is also a good choice of gift. But picking the right wine is not only about popularity, but it is about how good it is. It needs lots of knowledge about wine, like its vintage, flavor, taste, best drinking time, etc. If you still don't have any idea on the kind of wine that will fit certain occasion, especially when you are going on a date with a lady, this article will help you. We list here the ten best wines for women and the kind of food they compliment.

Best Wines for Wine Loving Women



Merlot is best served just slightly cooler than room temperature. It compliments simple meals like grilled chicken and roasted lamb. This wine comes from France, specifically in the Bordeaux region. It is a soft and dry red wine with a fruity flavor because it contains the rich aromas of currant, black cherry and green olive; besides, mint and tobacco tones are added to it. No doubt this wine is a real favorite among parties and welcomed by ladies.


Pinot Noir

This wine is undoubtedly the most popular wine and one of the best wines for women. It comes from the regions of Burgundy, France and it is best paired with grilled salmon and creamy mushrooms. Experts describe this wine as a “sex in the glass” and the “most romantic of all wines” because of its unique and “countryside” aroma. This wine is made of a certain type of grapes which are not easily cultivated and fermented. Compared to the traditional type of wines, newer Pinot Noir wines are fruitier in aroma.



This is a pure, dry white wine from Germany and is best served at 52 degrees Fahrenheit. It rarely blends and has a clear tropical aroma of minerals, fruits and flowers. It has a sweet taste but with an obvious acidity which makes it good for Chinese and Thai meals. This wine also compliments other salty foods and other light delicate flavored dishes.



Chablis is another dry white wine but with a crisp and vibrant aroma. It is considered as a gourmet wine which means it is served together with oysters and other expensive fish dishes. It is a mix of sweetness and acidity making it suitable for special occasions like grand celebrations. 


Cabernet Sauvignon

This is another dry red wine from Bordeaux, France which comes from the “king of red wine grapes”. Its aroma is composed of cedar, berries and chocolates, which makes it compliment pastas, aged cheese and dark chocolate perfectly. It is also because of these qualities that it has been popular among wine lovers since 1960s. There are also studies conducted indicating that this wine is capable of preventing Alzheimer’s disease.


Boscarelli Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

This is a wine from Tuscany which is a perfect combination of fruit and earth with an unforgettable cherry aroma. It is one of the best wines in the market which keeps making people think that Montepulciano may be the best place to grow grapes in Tuscany. This is one of the best wines for women because like a lady aging only makes this wine taste better.


Le Cigare Volant

This is a wine made by one of the best winemakers Randall Grahm. It has a Rhone-style blend and is deep and dark with Syrah as its dominant aroma. It has a taste of dark berries and leather, making it a perfect and tasteful wine. 


Vina Real Reserva

This is another great wine worth trying. With a perfect blend of cherries, leather, vanilla and a dark red fruit and fermented by one of the top wine producers, no doubt it never disappoints. Its acidity and balanced tannins are just right to compliment red meat meals.


Graham’s 10-Year Tawny Port

This wine has an average age of ten years and is a combination of old and newer wines perfect for a cold or rainy evening. The older wines have layers of caramel flavors while the newer wines blend zesty acidity and bright fruit to it, which make it a copper colored wine and give it a perfect nutty caramel aroma that is rich and gentle and lingers in your palate for long. 


A Portela Mencia

This wine is originated in the northwestern part of Spain specifically in the solis of Galicia around Bierzo and Valdeorras. It is fermented from high-elevation and organically cultivated vines. This is a bright wine with a rich and fruity aroma. Before fermented, it is cold-soaked and aged in stainless steel tanks which help it reserve the real taste of Mencia grapes. So thinking about the best wines for women? Nothing could go wrong if you choose A Portela Mencia.


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