Your health is your own responsibility and taking care of it is your basic duty. Nowadays it is not hard to keep track of your health, owing to the numerous advancements made in technological fields. You can keep track of your progress and improve your overall health via the few best health apps that you can install in your smartphones or tablets.

It is not always easy to know what type of app you should install in your phone. Some apps are a little complicated to use, others are user friendly but require a lot of money. Some apps may not suit your lifestyle and others might not be available on your phone. To solve these problems, we give detailed information of the best health apps here so that you can download the one that suits you best and stay healthy by using them.

5 Best Health Apps


How to Cook Everything

Price: $9.99

Available at: iOS

For people who are particular concerning about the kind of stuff they put into their bodies, this application is a must-have. Even though it’s not technically a health food app, it can help you have a healthy eating lifestyle by telling you how to cook all the healthy things you want to eat. Sometimes it is better to break down your food into its components to discover how good or how bad the thing actually is for you. You can narrow down your choices, break them down and see if what you have been eating all this time is good for you or not. You can similarly make changes to your diet and have a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle in this way by making use of this wonderful app.

This app includes the following things that you can benefit from, if you think of purchasing it for yourself:

  • Menu ideas from the famous cookbook “How to Cook Everything.”

  • Illustrations of recipes from the famous cookbook.

  • Amazing and healthy, tasty recipes from the famous cookbook.

  • Recipe timers from the famous cookbook.

  • Shopping lists from the famous cookbook.


My Diet Coach

Price: Free

Available at: Android and iOS

Who does not need a diet coach? However, not everyone can afford one and due to this, the diet coach app is the perfect substitute. A diet can easily discourage you but the diet coach will not let you give up after a couple of weeks into the diet. Your motivation is now on your cell phone inside your pocket. All you have to do is switch it on. This app can let you:

  • Upload photos of motivation.

  • Set reminders.

  • Set notes that inspire and motivate you.

  • List your weight goals.

  • List your fitness goals.

  • Keep a food journal.

  • Keep an exercise journal.

  • Receive some virtual prizes.



Price: Free

Available at: iOS

No matter how much money you make in one month, if you have a desk job or a low mobility job, then you have to realize the fact that you are compromising some aspect of your health by not getting enough exercise in a day. Actually, nowadays, our lifestyles are basically centered around many stationary activities such as working on the laptop or a computer, using our smartphones or tablets, watching the television, sitting at a desk in the office and so on. However, you should realize that our bodies are designed for movement and exercise, which if not enough, they start deteriorating with time. You can do that with the Moves app. The Moves app can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Track the distance you travel with a bicycle.

  • Track the distance you travel on foot.

  • Have your journey onscreen in the form of a storyline.

  • Have the routes you take onscreen, from the place you start till the place you end.

  • Count the number of steps that you take in one day.

  • Count the number of calories that you have consumed in one day.

  • Allow you to chart your progress on a daily basis.


Yoga Studio

Yoga is the best way to stay healthy and maintain a good weight and figure. You can also achieve peaceful mind by practicing yoga every single day. The many features of this app are:

  • 65+ individual classes for beginners.

  • 10 to 60 minute classes of all difficulty levels to make sure that the user can do yoga at his or her convenience.

  • Choice of a collection of music.

  • Choice of class atmosphere.

  • Ability to schedule your own yoga classes.

  • Ability to customize the HD video classes according to your own liking.


Drugs. com

Price: Free

Available at: Android and iOS

Everyone will have some diseases in his life, be it common problems like cold and fever, or serious diseases like tumor or cancer. At that time, it is very crucial to know some drugs that one can take to treat the problems if it cannot go away by itself. is a leading website for searching drug resources, no wonder that this app is useful with much information about drugs. You can get the following things from this app:

  • Keep track of the medications you are taking.

  • A large drug database that you can search freely.

  • Know the effects and side effects of certain drugs.


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