For whatever reason, man has always kept dogs. Keeping this friend needs a careful choice of the floor. A dog can damage the floor where it spends most of the time. Often, a dog will mess up with the floor by scratching it, damaging your carpets or relieving themselves on it. Definitely, you don’t want any of this to happen and if it does, the mess should be easy to clean up based on the kind of floor you have. For this reason, here is a list of the best flooring for dogs to choose from.  

Best Flooring for Dogs



Suitable for most pets, bamboo flooring is hard and is able to withstand any force applied on it. What makes it one of the best flooring for dogs is the ability to clean it once stained. Most important also is its ability to be renewed when it gets old. Again, bamboo flooring is biodegradable and eco-friendly hence bringing a lot more advantages with it. If your dog is used to relieving itself anywhere, then bamboo stain resistant quality would just make your life easier.



Cork is an eco-friendly flooring choice for dogs. Most importantly, it is antimicrobial; a very important aspect that minimizes mold growth. Cork has amazing acoustic qualities that minimize movement sounds within your house. Your dog will not be able to scratch cork flooring. Additionally, it is resistant to water, but any liquid spills must not be left on the surface for long. Cork will give you the best experience with your dog because any kind of untidiness or mess up will be well managed. 


Stone Tile

No dog would dare scratch stone tile flooring, may be for the first time only. The effects on the flooring would just go unnoticed as the dog gets an unpleasant experience. The stone tile flooring gives you an easy cleaning time, a quality that will just give you a great time while keeping your dog should it mess up with the floor. There are several stone options like slate and marble, but granite is the best because of its ease of maintenance.


Laminate Flooring

One of the irritating behaviors of dogs is scratching your floor. Laminate flooring is the best wood flooring for dogs to address this habit. However, your dog’s ability to walk on such a floor will be greatly hampered. Secondly, spills on such a floor can seep through the spaces between the wood planks reaching the floor underneath. Also, you may be forced to change a certain portion of the floor following several seepages and accumulation of dog hair between the wood planks.


Vinyl Flooring

For comfortable flooring for your dog, choose vinyl sheeting. The surface is even and continuously leaving you with no worries about fluid seepage. Your dog will love this kind of flooring which is easily maintained. The life of your dog is greatly enhanced through vinyl sheets that are commonly used in the kitchen and the bathroom. If you have a pet, then this is the kind of flooring that will control your dog’s behavior of scratching and relieving himself.


Ceramic Flooring

Commonly used in the washrooms and the kitchen, ceramic flooring is one of the best flooring for dogs. It is resistant to water and durable as well. Any home that keeps a dog should consider ceramic tile flooring. It can easily be cleaned through waxing and rubbing, and that is why it can make a good floor for your dog which may relieve itself from time to time. There are not many worries about a scratched floor because the effect is not easily perceptible.


Hardwood Flooring

Some floorings can be used but with extra caution. The best hardwood is a good choice of the kind of flooring you would want for your dog. However, it is important to monitor your dog’s behavior and make sure you potty train him to protect your floor. Any kind of waste from your dog will adversely affect hardwood flooring. The floor can also be damaged through scratches. For this reason, it would be important to keep the dog’s nails short and smooth.

  • It is your duty to make sure that your dog has short and smooth nails. A dog’s habit of scratching the floor can be irritating. You can make sure that this issue is mitigated by taking care of your dog’s nails.
  • A dog’s activities can be destructive especially inside the house. All dog toys should therefore be kept in isolation and if possible, outside your main house. Keeping them in your house can damage your treasured flower vases, glass items and other fragile objects.
  • Make sure that dog food and water are kept in a place that won’t have challenges with cleaning. Do whatever you can to make sure that any food and water spillage is easily cleaned without causing permanent stains and other damages.
  • Dogs are very playful and may often carry with them a lot of messes even with the best flooring for dogs. It is important to have a mat at the door step where much of the dirt can be left.

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