Do you have a regular exercise routine? Does it include stretching exercises? For some people, they view stretching as something that is only done if there is enough time because it is not as important as their regular exercise. If you are one of these persons, it’s time to change your views regarding stretches. Stretches can bring about so many benefits to your body regardless of your age and flexibility. This article will enlighten you on how stretching exercises can improve your quality of life.

Benefits of Stretching


Promote positive attitude

Stress can make a person feel stiff and uneasy because it makes the muscles contract. Doing stretches can loosen these tightened muscles. Stretching in the morning will also give you extra energy by warming up your body. It will also help you have a positive mindset throughout the day because it releases endorphins which are also known as “happy hormones”, these hormones promote a sense of calmness and euphoria. If you are having some trouble sleeping at night, stretching right before you go to bed can relax your muscles and this will help you have a comfortable sleep.


Promote good posture

There are so many benefits of stretching. One of it is promoting good posture by loosening the tight muscles in the body. When these muscles are stretched, pain and aches are relieved therefore discouraging the person to slouch. And when the lower back, chest and shoulders are stretched, the spine is maintained in good condition making the overall posture of the body in good shape.


Improve flexibility

An effective stretching program will definitely improve your flexibility and range of motion. When your range of motion is improved, your body will require less energy to perform the same movements you usually do. It will also make your muscles and joints flexible thus lessening your risks of acquiring an injury or body aches when you do your daily activities or exercises.


Boost your stamina

Stretching exercises can boost your stamina by promoting blood flow and ensuring that there is enough oxygen flowing into your blood to your whole body. Regular exercises make your body burn calories and energy which also makes you feel tired. Having sufficient oxygen supply in your body increases your endurance not only while you are at the gym but also while you are doing your daily chores. Increasing your stamina is one of the benefits of stretching.


Decrease risk of muscle injury

Stretching exercises not only promote sufficient oxygen supply to your muscles but nutrients too. These nutrients reduce muscle soreness and help speed up healing during injuries.


Increase energy levels

Long hours of standing or seating makes the muscles tighten making you feel tired and sleepy. Doing some simple stretches boosts and revitalizes your energy levels. It can help you make your mind and body alert especially during days when you just feel like dragging yourself to work.


Help reduce cholesterol

An effective stretching program can reduce cholesterol levels but of course with the help of a healthy diet. Stretching can burn fats including cholesterol in the arteries, thus it can help lower down the risks of heart diseases and hardening of arteries due to excess fats.


Promote blood circulation

As mentioned earlier, stretching exercises promote better circulation which results to sufficient oxygen and nutrient supply throughout the body including muscles and joints. This results to faster healing of injuries, healthier muscles and increased stamina.


Provide pain relief

Stretching can help ease a headache by increasing oxygen supply in the head. Other benefits of stretching also include relaxation which helps reduce pain. Stretching is also very useful in addressing lower back pains by stretching the quadriceps, hamstrings, hips and pelvis.


Relax your mood

Stretching not only provides physical benefits, but as it loosens the tight muscles, it also helps release happy hormones which provide a sense of relaxation and tranquility. Regular stretching is recommended especially during days when you feel down and lonely.


Improve physical performance

One of the reasons why it is important to stretch your muscles before doing a physical activity is because it will make all your muscles efficient in doing the activity. For example, if 20% of your muscles are tight, you only have 80% of your muscles efficiently working. But if you regularly stretch and 100% of your muscles are loose and healthy, you have 100% muscles that are strong and efficiently working.


Improve your sexual stamina

Stretching is not only recommended for persons who have posture problems but it also can improve your performance on bed. Stretching provides a stronger stamina needed during sexual activity and it releases hormones which give a more relaxing and sensual feeling. Aside from those mentioned in this article, there are more benefits of stretching that you will discover once you begin to practice it regularly for yourself.


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