Magic mushrooms, also known as psilocybin mushrooms, have caught the fancy of scientists and regular people alike. These specimens have psychoactive properties, and with 200+ species to explore and conduct tests with, it’s no surprise that the science is still out on the efficacy of the mushrooms. Even so, whatever studies have been conducted so far have shown that magic mushrooms display great promise, if used wisely, when it comes to medical, emotional and psychological healing.

Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

I mean, sure, some people are pushing the agenda that these mushrooms are nothing but pure drugs (much like weed) but if you’re open to the possibilities to using them for healing purposes, then you can benefit a lot.

Help with depression

Contrary to popular belief, mushrooms do not “enhance” the mood you’re in. For example, if you’re depressed, it won’t make you feeling worse. If anything, consuming these mushrooms on a regular basis can improve your depression, and not just temporarily. Studies on this subject matter are ongoing because there still isn’t conclusive evidence, and in no way are we suggesting these mushrooms be used as a substitute for meds for depression.


Provide comforts even when one faces death

Benefits of magic mushrooms also include being able to accept one’s own demise. Let’s be real – death scares all of us, more so for those who are facing death (like people with terminal illnesses). These people usually live glum lives full of regrets, stress and frustration, and this is exactly where psychedelics like magic mushrooms come in. They have been known to reduce anxiety, and make people become calmer.


Help you quit smoking

It’s true. So if you’re tired of spending your days at the sauna, wearing patches all over your body and done with pretty much everything that helps you quit smoking, give these mushrooms a shot. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual smoker or an addict – these mushrooms will work wonders on you and help you kick your nicotine habit to the curb. And guess what? Its success rate is 80%, which is more than double of the next best alternative – varenicline, which has a success rate of only 35%.


Give unique spiritual benefits

Benefits of magic mushrooms aren’t just inclusive of medical benefits, you know. The Johns Hopkins University did a study on nearly 40 test subjects, all of which admitted that this (meaning their time being the test subjects) was one of the most spiritual experiences for them in their entire lives. The doctors came to the conclusion that magic mushrooms are able to unlock the mysteries of human consciousness. But exactly how that happens, is still not known. However, it did show the researchers that these mushrooms…


Connect the brain in unique ways

MRIs of the brains of the test subjects showed that when under the influence of mushrooms, the parts of the brain that got connected facilitated a very smooth relay of information back and forth, something that would have previously not been possible. Which is why they also…


Improve your overall psychological health

Because magic mushrooms create new connections between neurons in the brain purposefully (and not randomly or as a side effect of eating them), they gradually create a new “order” for your brain. This order helps you see things in a new/different light and also gives you a feeling of having a deeper consciousness which enables you to notice more unexpected aspects of the world.

And despite this lasting only for a few hours, the long lasting results have been astonishing. Not only the participants of the John Hopkins University but their friends and relatives too agreed that their sense of well being had drastically improved.


Help with cluster headaches

Cluster headaches have very aptly been termed as “suicide headaches” and long story short, you don’t ever want to be experiencing them. Currently, no medicine has been able to cure or control them, which is why being able to treat them is one of the best benefits of magic mushrooms, especially when we factor in the fact that people have been driven to commit suicide simply because of these headaches. Test subjects have shown going into remission, whereas some have even got rid of their cluster headaches for good.


Benefit those with OCDs

If you have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) or know someone who does, then you know how hell their life can be. It’s actually the same with those suffering from other psychiatric ailments like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. But back in 2006, the University of Arizona conducted a study which showed that regular intake of magic mushrooms helped greatly in subduing the symptoms of OCD, along with other psychiatric disorders.


Make rejection easier to accept

If there’s one thing humans are afraid of, it’s rejection, especially by the people they love. And this is despite the fact that literally every human on the planet has gone through at least one rejection (not necessary of the romantic type) in their life. However, Swiss neurobiologists did a study in 2016 which showed that regular intake of magic mushrooms improved one’s capacity of dealing with social rejection.


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