When news about gays is reported, it’s generally negative in nature. Although we’re living in the 21st century, a vast majority of people in the word still think being gay is “unnatural”. While we can't do much about it, how about we put a little smile on our face when it comes to this subject? In fact, being gay has lots of benefits, which is unknown to the general public. Let's get through them and start to change the general views on gays little by little.

Benefits of Being Gay


You can avoid those shitty family events

Remember when you were straight and invited to allllllllll those deathly boring family events that made you think, "Oh God, why don’t you just kill me already?" But you HAD to attend them, because of familial obligations.

Well, good news! All those homophobic relatives of yours now view you as a deviant. You aren’t invited to 80% of those events. And you can’t help but smile and mutter, "Thank you, God!"


Makeup is okay

In fact, not only is it okay, but also it is expected of gay men to look well groomed (including having makeup on their face). So go ahead and present your fabulous self!


Gay parties are awesome

Really, what’s not to like? The decoration is on point, the people are almost all gay, and you can act the way you want and talk things you really care about without worrying about being judged. Not to mention the food – gluten free, low carb, dairy free, nut free, vegan..... You name it, and your requirements will be adjusted accordingly.


You can openly listen to songs for girls

And not be judged for it. It’s kinda sad though that society judges straight men immediately for being even a little bit of effeminate. But that’s not a problem for gays because they ARE supposed to be effeminate. And that includes listening to music for “girls” like songs of Taylor Swift. And you embrace that completely!


Babysitting? No sir.

Almost nobody asks gay men to babysit because many straight people think that gays are irresponsible and will bring bad influence to the baby. This is kind of discriminatory, but this is also definitely one of the best benefits of being gay because who would want to babysit a crying, snotty mess anyway?


Unprotected sex never gets you pregnant

Duh! Speaking of which…


You can discuss sex openly

You’re gay. You’re already outside of the "traditional" ideas of sexual roles, which means you don’t have many boundaries. And this directly translates into very open discussions on sex, which can get you guys very intimate very quickly.


You can share a wardrobe with your partner

Don’t you just hate it when half of your wardrobe is filled with items you can never wear? Well being gay and having a gay partner mean that you can share clothes with your partner.

Of course, you will have different choices, but come on! You can easily slip into different looks without spending any money by borrowing each other’s outfits.


There is no unrealistic expectation

Ah, the benefits of being gay. Family and friends always have high hope, like successful career, diligent wife, cute kids… But as a gay, should you be judged by your career? Or by your ability of taking care of a home? In fact, society hasn't really figured out what to expect from you, so it hasn’t imposed many harsh rules on you.


Gays are better parents

Not all of them, of course, but by and large most gay couples are excellent parents. For starters, they WANT a child, unlike many straight people who are stuck with children because of broken condoms or drunken encounters. Second, the adoption process is strict, which means that if a gay couple is selected for adoption, it means that they are capable both financially and emotionally to raise a child unlike many straight couples. Third, gays do not enforce gender roles onto their children, which, in turns, let the children grow into open minded and emotionally healthy adults. I can go on and on, but you get the gist, right?


There is no pressure to settle down

There’s a reason why so many gay men are happy being single or live in relationships – being married is a hassle. Apart from that, your family NEVER force you to settle down and have kids. Three cheers to the benefits of being gay!


Shopping for clothes isn’t a chore

Not stereotyping here. Society wants and expects straight men to roll their eyes at the mention of shopping, because it’s what “women do”. But shopping is fun for you, especially if you do it with your partner. You both can shop for your clothes at the same store, which usually is not possible for straight couples as certain stores cater to only one sex.


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