Sometimes when you pick out a home or an apartment, checking out the neighbors is pretty much the last thing to do on your bucket list. That’s because you have a lot more urgent things to look into, like the location of the house, the price, the area, etc. And of course, the one thing you can’t predict is how your neighbors will be. If they are terrible people, you can be assured they’re gonna make your life hell.

Bad Neighbor Stories

If you think you have heard the worst stories, then wait till you listen to the following stories. They will have you amazed, for sure.

The Cat Lady – Seth R, 31

Want bad neighbor stories? Beat this one. So I used to live in this terrible apartment 3 years ago when I was completely broke. The lady living right next to me was terrible in hygiene, and whenever I passed by her apartment, I could smell pee in it. All of us neighbors complained, but to no avail. One day the problem got so bad that we had to call the Super. He forced the lady’s door open and found 25 cats living inside her tiny apartment.

And that place reeked of cat piss. He immediately called animal control, which confiscated all cats and handed them over to an animal shelter for adoption. Thank God. Imagine having to live next to an apartment smelling of cat piss for 5 months straight. Worst neighbour ever.


The Meth Head Couple – Jessica M, 25

This happened just 6 months ago, when I was living in a shady area of my city because I was in between jobs and couldn’t afford a decent place. I hit the lottery – got stuck living right next to a meth head couple. And boy, they were disgusting. I would always see roaches and rats running in and out of their apartment doors. I personally requested them about 6 times to keep their area safe as the roaches and mice would run into my apartment, but they obviously didn’t care.

But I had the chance to take revenge on them 3 different times. On 3 occasions, I found the male meth head passed out on the doorstep of his apartment. I immediately called 911 and since the idiots didn’t have insurance, they ended up taking 3 heavy loans to cover the ambulance costs.

Didn’t take long for them to figure out who was busting them, and finally, it was when they took a dump on my welcome mat that I decided, in my best interest, to move out of that shitty apartment.


The Actress Who Never Won an Oscar – Norman J, 27

This is one of those bad neighbor stories that you had to believe. There was this wretched lady I remember living next door when I was 16. Her name was Maria, I think. Anyway, she was always behind on rent, which obviously annoyed our landlord a lot. One day she realized that she couldn’t pay the rent on time no matter what, so she did what we only get to see in the movies – she faked having cancer.

Yeah, it’s true. She went so far as to shave off her hair to prove to the landlord that she was undergoing chemo. She even bought a cane and faked limping. She was that dedicated to fooling everybody. This carried on for about 4 months. But one day, my mom had new security cams installed inside and outside our home. Maria didn’t know this because she was out the entire day and returned home only at night. Only 2 days later, we saw on our CCTV footage that Maria was, at 2 in the morning, chasing a cat off her lawn and her limp gone completely.

It’s then that we realized how much she had fooled us all, and, sure as hell, we submitted the tapes to the landlord who, in turn, got her arrested for some shit or the other. I just want to say that woman gets what she deserves.


The Pooping Problem – Shelley K, 16

When you live in an upscale neighbourhood, you don’t expect bad neighbor stories. But reality is harsh. This incident isn’t old – till 2 months ago, my new neighbours, owning 2 bull dogs, encouraged their dogs to poop on our lawn. My dad tried talking to them, but they denied it wasn't their dogs. It was obviously their bull because the problem only started when they shifted next door to us.

This kept on going for 3 weeks, till I had enough of their shit (literally). One day, when I returned home from school, I saw dog poop right in front of my doorstep. Very angry, I took a shovel, picked up the poop and flung it right into our neighbour's garden. And that was the last time we saw poop in our garden.


Well, Dam! – Matt R, 45

You’d think working in the agricultural industry would be a boring job, but no. It’s quite entertaining actually, and if you want some bad neighbor stories, I know just the one to tell you. Even though it happened 2 years ago, it’s etched in my mind forever. So there was this feud between a Mr Kingsley and Mrs Kinman.

I was contacted by Mrs Kinman because of a dam usage dispute: both of them wanted to use water from one dam, because neither of them was sure in whose bit of property the dam landed. The two had been quibbling over it for years, but that time the problem escalated and almost resulted in violence. However, I mediated and found out that the dam actually belonged to Mrs Kinman.

Needless to say, Mr Kingsley was not very happy with the results and in the dead of the night the next day, he dropped a lot of dynamite in it. It exploded, of course, rendering it useless to both parties and flooding both his and Mrs Kinman’s lands. What an idiot.


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