Menopause is a life stage in which everyone must pass through. It is accompanied by some symptoms that are severe if not well treated. Some of these symptoms include arthritis, joint pains, blood pressure, hot flashes and diabetes among others. Avoid getting prescriptions from an unqualified person since they are not of any help. Make sure that you seek help from a qualified physician who will help you deal with menopause easily by controlling the symptoms. In case, your symptoms need doctors close attention you need to establish a good doctor who will help you go through the process easily.

The following are the right prescriptions for menopause symptoms.

Are You Getting Right Prescription for Menopause Symptoms?



  • Avoid sleeping during the day since it will reduce the amount of sleep during the night. In case you sleep for two hours at night, reduce them to 45 minutes which will enable you to sleep longer during the night. You can as well avoid sleeping during the day.

  • Treat hot flashes using menopause supplements since they are a great cause of lack of sleep. Make it a first priority to treat hot flashes since they are so disturbing symptoms which will be a solution to the sleepless nights you have experienced.

  • Reading is also another solution to insomnia. You need to concentrate on the book so that your eyes can get tired enough to fall asleep.

  • Be active physically which will help to make your body exhausted. A tired body takes less time to fall asleep enabling you to fight easily insomnia during menopause. Avoid exercising in the evening; it might delay your sleep as the body takes time to relax.

  • Avoid large meals for they take long to be digested making you stay awake for long. You are also advised to avoid smoking and marijuana since they will not give you enough time to fall asleep.

  • Keep your bedroom dark and cool environments that easily attract sleep. You can add smooth music that will add a soothing feeling in your bedroom.


Hot flashes

  • Use a fan at your place to help cool your hot room hence reducing sweating.

  • Take hot flash menopausal hormone therapy since, it is among the best menopause treatments recommended by your doctor. They are of great help to those experiencing hot flashes.

  • Let your doctor prescribe medications for blood pressure, diabetes, and epilepsy which are said to help deal with hot flashes.

  • Avoid spiced food, alcohol and caffeine which are all best in triggering hot flashes.

  • Take low dose oral contraceptives which are specified for those still having periods.


Memory problems

In case, you have poor memory i.e. forgetfulness you need immediate doctors help. Explain all you are going through and you will be given prescriptions that will help. There are apps in the android phones that will help to shape your memory back. They include the puzzle and the alarm reminders among others which will help you remember easily. Take enough sleep that will refresh your mind giving room for remembrance. Being physically active also helps to keep your brain active hence reducing chances of forgetting.


Mood swings

  • Consider visiting a therapist who will be of great help. Do not ignore any of the advice given since it will be easy to deal with different moods.

  • Visit a psychiatrist who will run tests on you to identify whether you have depression. You will be helped with advice and medication.

  • Treat hot flashes first and you will notice a difference on the mood swings.

  • Enough sleep will help reduce the mood swings making you relate better with people. Being physically active stimulates your moods enabling you deal with people without getting moody.

  • Seeking advice and counseling on how to deal with stress. You will be glad since mood swings will not be an issue.


Vaginal dryness

  • Your doctor will recommend estrogen products such as creams that will help reduce products such as creams that will help reduce pain during intercourse. You will also be advised on how to use the creams so that they can be effective.

  • Take Replens, which is a vaginal moisturizer that helps reduce pain during sex. It can be bought over the counter and it’s very easy to use.

  • K-Y jelly is also very recommendable since it makes you forget enjoy coitus with no pain. You can get it at the counter and your doctor can give you too.


Urinary incontinence

Your doctor will be in a position to explain the different types of treatment. They include medication, exercise and surgery. You will have to choose any suitable method you treatment that will be affordable.



All the above are some of the best menopause prescriptions. However, it is important to seek personalized treatment in case you have problems in dealing with menopausal symptoms. The severity of the symptoms also determines the most appropriate treatment approach.

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