Whether based on belief or science, water has been credited with healing processes. Our health depends on the total of many "small" decisions that we take each day. Generally speaking, hydrated fruits contain substances that produce pharmacological effects similar to any other medication, but with these advantages; they prevent and correct the tendency towards the disease, in addition to having curative properties. Because of age, excess fat insulation and harsh chemical substances, skin cells tend to dehydrate (lose moisture). It makes the lips rough, cracked and unattractive. It is time to say that chapped lips are a sign of dehydration. Primary symptoms of dehydration include broken skin and discharge of heavily concentrated urine. Factors leading to formation of chapped lips are as follows.

Are Chapped Lips an Indication of Dehydration?

Relationship between dehydration and chapped lips

  • Fever

Is the fever weighing you down? Are you feeling thirsty? If these are the symptoms, dehydration is a definite yes! Fever is an indication that the body is combating some infection. It tends to lead to water loss due to high temperatures from the body. Sweat expel excess water and toxins from the from the through sweat eventually leading to drying up of the lips. In the case of fever, the diet must have an abundance of liquids to replace the water lost through high temperature to prevent dehydration.

  • Environmental elements

Environmental impacts such as hot, cold and windy conditions are causes of chapped lips. During hot weather, a long duration of sunlight exposes your lips to the heat which evaporates large amounts of water from the lips to regulate body temperature. Therefore, the lips become dry and cracked which is an indication of dehydration. In cold weather conditions and winter, cold weather makes the body regulate temperatures by increasing production of heat. Environmental factors lead to evaporation of water content on the lips. Cold breeze from the external environment makes the lips dry and cracked. When also the lips exposed to windy conditions, the water content is removed from the lips making it dry and chapped. It is an indicator of dehydration.

  • Lip licking of dry lips

Licking your lips is important to make the lips moist for that intense moment. What happens when you over do it? Licking too much of the lips makes the lip surface saturated with moisture hence susceptible to the latent heat of vaporization responsible for regulating body temperature. Intense heat or cold will cause water loss of the skin making the lips dry and chapped, making the final problem. Alternatively, try using lip balm to make them moisturized in place licking the lips.

  • Episode of diarrhea

After an episode of diarrhea; the body is dehydrated, and so is your skin. Diarrhea consists of the expulsion of soft or liquid stool much more frequently than normal. It results in the loss of water and mineral salts that requires replacement. In cases of severe diarrhea, only water and some of these fluids should be taken for 24 to 48 hours. Frequent forms result from food allergies, food toxins, and food intolerance. Addition to a particular treatment, one can give water and fruit juices that replace water lost and makes the lips healthy alleviating presence of cracks.

  • Vomiting

When you vomit, large amounts of food and liquids are ejected from the body. Vomiting leads to dehydration and makes the skin pale, cracks and chapped lips. It creates water loss in the body. In most cases it leads to other side effects. After vomiting take in a generous amount of water to make the skin cells hydrated and promote beautiful lips.

  • Increased urine output

When you release urine frequently more than the reasonable measure you are likely to dehydrate. Alcohol is one such cause of frequent urination since the body cannot maintain water, so the lips become dry. Other causes of continuous output of urine include diabetes, amebiasis, and staphylococcus. Because these diseases force water out of your system, they require you to replenish your system with fluids to maintain proper body function. Therefore, frequent loss of water from urine automatically affects your lips


Chapped lips are indeed signs of dehydration. There has been a growing number of observable discoveries in recent times related to curing for chapped lips. As techniques of chemical interpretation have become more well-defined, it is being proved that it can be prevented by natural steps, in addition to nutrients found in all foods; two types of compounds that are not foods are -antioxidants and phytochemicals which help solve your lip problem. From this, keeping your lips attractive and kissability contributes to creating that perfect smile for precious moments.

Chronic chapping of lips is a sign of dehydration because the body has little capacity to retain the moisture. When the mouth is dry, that is a sign that you need to rehydrate quickly to replace the electrolytes.

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