The majority of people love animals because they are faithful, amusing and keep us company. To many people, animals are good pals. The question in the minds of many people now is, can animals be of any help to human beings in times of tragedy? Is it possible for animals to save the lives of human beings? Well, check out the top 9 amazing stories of animals saving humans.

9 Amazing Stories of Animals Saving Humans


Dolphins saving a surfer from a great white shark

Dolphins are known to be some of the most compassionate and intelligent animals in the world. The evidence of the animals helping human beings dates back to the Ancient Greece. The friendly relationship between dolphins and human beings has been there since the old days.

In 2007, Todd Endris, a surfer was attacked by a white shark off the California's Marine State Park coast. It was dolphins that came to his rescue. The shark, believed to be 12-15 foot long, chopped off flesh from his leg to the bone, but the dolphins formed a protective ring around him and helped him to get to the shore safely.


A whale saving a diver from cramps

While participating in a diving contest in China, Yang Yun’s leg developed debilitating cramps within the freezing water. She said that the cramps crippled her leg and she sank deeper into the water. She was on the verge of death when she felt a strong force pushing her to the surface. She later discovered that the incredible force was from a Beluga Whale, named Mila. Mila used her nose to push her to the surface, hence saved her life.


A dog saving a family from a wolf attack

The incident occurred in Fort Nelson, British Columbia, where the family had gone for tobogganing in the afternoon. The dad towed his three children uphill in an all terrain vehicle while the mother waited at the top. The mother was taken aback as she watched their dog, named Shadow, intercept a wolf attack on the children. The dog, a rottweiler mix, stopped the leading wolf as the father struggled to scare the wolves off using a shovel. The wolves got Shadow by the shoulder and left the dog with some bruises and bumps. However, the dog kept growling at the wolves until the father managed to chase them into the woods.


A dog saving a boy from a cougar

Austin Forman, a young man who lives in Boston Bar, British Columbia, has a dog named Angel. When the dog was just 18 months old, it saved Austin from a cougar that attacked him in his backyard. The cougar charged at the boy as he was collecting firewood. Angel engaged the cougar as the boy ran into the house and had his mother call the Law Enforcement, they arrived in time and killed the cougar. At first, the dog appeared to be seriously injured but recovered from the attack. He was rewarded with a huge steak of meat. This is another one of the interesting tales of animals saving humans.


An ape saving a boy after a fall

A 3-year-old boy accompanied his mother to the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. He wandered from his mother and climbed over the barrier to the ape pit. He fell down to the floor, 20 feet below and lay motionless. Binti,  an 8 year old ape saw him and picked him up. The ape cuddled the boy gently in her arms, protecting him from the other apes. She carried her around, while rocking him and eventually handed him to the zookeepers. The boy was then taken to the hospital where he recovered fully. Meanwhile, the ape was praised for this rescue.


Lions saving a girl from kidnappers

Early in June, four men kidnapped a 12-year-old girl on her way home from school. As the men were being pursued by the police, they encountered a group of lions. The lions chased the four away and remained with the girl without harming her until the police approached. According to Sergeant Wondmu Wedaj, they found the girl about 560 kilometers south-west of the capital, safe but terrified and shocked. When the police arrived, the lions left the girl and went into the forest. Although the sex of the lions was not established, various experts are already doubting the credibility of the story. According to the girl, the kidnappers assaulted her, but the lions did not harm her. A wildlife expert from Ethiopia argues that the lions spared her because her cries sounded like a mewing lion cub.


A pig saving its owner from a heart attack

While on vacation in Presque Isle, Pennsylvania, USA, Jo Ann Altsman suffered a cardiac arrest. A housebroken Vietnamese pig came to his help. The pig saw Jo Ann and "cried" for a moment. It then pushed the gate open and waited. Whenever a car approached, she would approach the road and lay in front of approaching vehicle. This went on for about 45 minutes until the pig managed to persuade a motorist to the home. The motorist called emergency services. The paramedics arrived quickly and saved Jo Ann's life.


A horse saving a woman from a raging cow

Based on statistics, more people are killed by cows than sharks. A farmer in Scotland was rescued by a horse when a cow charged at her. As she was attending to the cry of a calf, the mother attacked her and rammed at Fiona several times. Kerry, her horse heard Fiona’s cries for help and came to her rescue. The horse kicked the cow into submission and allowed Fiona to crawl to safety. She was later treated for cuts and bruises.


A rabbit saving a man from a diabetic coma

Generally, a rabbit is not considered to be a courageous animal. However, this is another story of animals saving humans where a young man, named Simon was saved by a rabbit. While at home, in Cambridge shire, England, Simon fell into a diabetic coma on the couch. Although his wife, Victoria was around, she just thought that he had fallen asleep. Dory, their rabbit, sensed this and jumped on top of Simon. The rabbit started licking Simon’s mouth emphatically until his wife noticed that something was wrong. Victoria called the paramedics, who arrived in time to save Simon’s life. The rabbit was later awarded the honorary membership to the Rabbit Welfare Association.


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