The first point that comes to mind discovering about pregnancy is the curiosity about the baby’s gender. Yes, you might have thought: Am I having a boy or a girl? Every pregnant lady quite ponders as what is she carrying inside her belly- a charming prince or a cute little angel? There have been old wives’ tale on identifying whether you’re having a boy or girl. So let us see some of the fun ways to answer this question: am I having a boy or girl?

Let us look at seven amazing stuff you can do to determine if you are having a boy or a girl one without use of ultrasound.

Am I Having a Boy or Girl?

If It Kicks Hard, It’s a Boy. If It’s Gentle, It’s a Girl.

the baby inside the womb. Some babies really kick hard, maybe it’s the indication of being next football star. We guess the mommies of Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi might have suffered many kicks during their pregnancies, as they gave the world two amazing footballers. However jokes apart, it is believed that if a child kicks a lot inside the womb it can be a male. If the baby has less frequency of kicks and very gentle ones, it might be a fairer sex.

The kicks inside the abdomen is one of the deciding factors to the question: Am I having a boy or girl quiz.

If It Sits on Lower Side of Abdomen, It’s a Boy.

We don’t know if this has any scientific theories backing up, but is old-world belief that if child sits on lower part it should be a boy. It should be a girl if it sits on the upper part inside the belly. It would not be very difficult for first time mothers to gauge out about this thing. They can take the help of any experienced pregnant ladies to figure where the child actually sits inside the womb.

This piece of information comes from the same source that has proposed Chinese calendar girl or boy theory. Look out for the Chinese calendar girl or boy theory on the web.

Although not backed medically, this is one of the traditional ways to determine the gender of the baby without any technological aid.

If Your Skin Gets Extreme & Horrible Breakouts During Pregnancy, It’s a Girl.

Here is one more solution to your question ‘am I having a boy or girl?’ This is very visible one and you can make out for yourself. Generally, pregnant ladies suffer lot of hormonal changes that gives them skin rashes and ugly breakouts. This is also one of the path to determine the baby’s sex. The rumor has that girls inside the belly steal up their mother’s beauty, and so the would-be mama starts showing the signs of decay in form of acne breakouts. On the other hand, if it’s a boy the pregnant ladies tend to look more beautiful than before as the little prince inside your womb won’t affect you much. So based on your beauty alterations, you’ll figure out am I having a boy or a girl.

If it’s a boy, the father should worry as the little one would make the father lose his handsomeness. Also, a popular legend says that the father tends to put on weight along with her wife if it’s a boy.

Humorously, we wonder this might be the reason that mothers expect boys and fathers expect a girl. This might also be the reason for coinage of terms ‘mama’s boy’ and ‘daddy’s princess’.

If Your Food Craving Is for Salty Sour Foods, Then It’s a Boy, If for Sweets, It’s a Girl.

Pregnant ladies love to eat different delicacies of different tastes. But there is particular sense of taste in in eating patterns during pregnancies. If the pregnant women like salty & sour food more, it’s probably a sign that she’s carrying a boy. Similarly, if the would-be mother has cravings for sweet things, it is a sign that a sweet little girl is on the way. Some might have cravings for both, but there might be an additional craving for one.

So next time you eat anything during pregnancy, stress on the fact what do you find tasty: Sugar or Salt? Your cravings towards a particular food can too determine the answer for: what am I having boy or girl?

If Your Pulse Rate Is Below 140 BPM, It’s a Boy. If More, It’s a Girl.

Your pulse rate can answer this question: What am I having boy or girl?

The girls inside the womb have faster heart rates than boys. As girls are generally delicate and boys more robust, the BP for the boys is lesser than girls. This can be assumed from the fact that large creatures have slower heart rates while smaller ones have fast heart rates. Although the difference between unborn sizes of boys and girls isn’t strikingly huge, boys are bit heavier than girls. To be specific, it is popular notion in pregnancy that it can be a girl if pulse rate is 140+ BPM, and boys if below 140 BPM.

So next time whenever you check your pulse rate during pregnancy, keep this in mind and you might get an answer for: am I having a boy or girl?

If You Feel Heavy at the Front, It’s a Boy. If at Back, It’s a Girl.

Yes, this is the most common belief that had 90% of success rate to identify am I having a boy or girl quiz. There were some theories regarding the same but there’s no conclusive evidence for the same. Nevertheless, the old wives’ tale says that this is the closest one can come to determine the gender of child precisely. The ladies carrying a boy in their bellies feel weight pressure on the front side, while those carrying a girl tends to get pressure on their bums. Also, if the bums start expanding out of body, it is believed that a female child is on the cards.

To know the answer of what am I having boy or girl, just check out where do you get the weight pressure: on the front or on the bums?

If Your Baby Bump Is Round Shaped, It’s a Boy. If It’s Oval Shaped, It’s a Girl.

Many old wives’ tale has this demonstration sign for answering the pregnant girl’s question: am I having a boy or girl? The way belly grows in shape is deciding factor for the gender of child. If it’s round-shaped (often termed as basketball belly), it’s time to celebrate a baby boy & if its oval shaped (called as watermelon belly), welcome the cute little princess in your life.

Thus, the shape of baby can be a determinant factor whether you’re having a boy or a girl.


The above mentioned points are old wives’ tales to determine the question: am I having a boy or girl. While some of them might just be myths and results of repeated co-incidences, some of them can actually stand out true. So if you are wondering: am I having a boy or girl, see for the above signs and predict the gender of your unborn. After the delivery, you can add your own testimony which of the above pointers were true. Till then, keep guessing: Am I having a boy or a girl?


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