Insomnia keeps many from sleep leading to no energy or motivation. For many people, this lack of motivation can be caused by different aspects of things going on in their lives. Lack of motivation is a huge part of why all you want to do is sleep. But that's not the whole picture. Now let's get a closer look to know more reasons and find out the solution.

All I Want to Do Is Sleep, Why?



The main part of depression that causes lack of motivation and no energy to do anything is called anhedonia. Anhedonia is defined as a psychological condition characterized by the inability to experience pleasure in normally pleasurable acts. For example, you love to write but this kind of depression can take all the pleasure out of it. This can make you boring and the feel sleepy all the time.



Stress is a huge problem that leads to very low energy. Stress can take a huge bite out of our emotional and cognitive life force. Sleep can be found lacking if someone is too stressed out or anxious about something. The point then would be to try and de-stress your life. This can be done by exercising, eating well and healthy, and trying to get into a pattern of sleep that leads to less stress.


Fear of failure

For some people, their parents have such a high standard for them that they end up avoiding any work that could cause them to fail. There is a tendency to avoid the goal rather than to try it and fail. This can definitely lead to no motivation to do things and even sleepiness all day.


Procrastination habit

There are quite a few reasons that people procrastinate. For example, if a person feels overwhelmed by the work or class, the person is likely to procrastinate. As we have seen, depression leads to lack of motivation as well as fear of failure. Being stressed or anxious also causes people to procrastinate because they may become too anxious and freeze up when they need to be working on whatever project is at hand.


Lack of interest

Some tasks that people have to do for classes or work are simply just not interesting. The lack of interest and motivation quickly follows, leading to no energy. This particular problem is a never-ending cycle because not everything is interesting to all people.


Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem can lead to no motivation or energy as well because some people feel that they cannot succeed. Self-sabotage quickly follows by missing important deadlines, procrastination, putting in the most minimal effort, and last blaming someone else for problems that you caused.


Social rejection

Surprisingly enough, rejection from one's peers leads to a huge lack of motivation and definitely no energy to do anything. The author of the book titled You Are Not So Smart, David McRaney, did a study on this subject of social rejection. The study was to have a group of students meet each other, and then write on a piece of paper the person in the group they wanted to work with. Some were told they were chosen and others that no one wanted to work with them. At last, it became a situation that, if no one cared about me why bother with anything at all? The result proved that social rejection can lead to lack of motivation and energy to get anything done.


Skip meals

The last situation that can cause no energy to do anything is skipping meals. It is rather simple really, skipping breakfast and/or lunch can make a person feel generally wonky and have no energy to accomplish their tasks. Since people have a tendency to become very busy, it's easy to forget to eat regularly. If that happens, a lack of motivation ensues and a vicious cycle begins. To recharge motivation, make sure you eat healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

All I Want to Do Is Sleep, How to Break the Deadlock


Make your goal thrilling

You can add your favorite things into your work or study routine, like making time to watch a great movie or hanging out with friends when things gets really boring. Or find a way to make your goal interesting or stimulating. Say for instance, you want to build websites. If you can forget how hard this is and realize that everyone wants a website nowadays, so it would be a very lucrative dream. What would you think? Would you be excited? Imagine the possibilities. Think of what it would be to see the first website you design. Does this thrill you? If you have chosen yes, the first hurdle of your dream has been achieved. Then you will put all your heart into achieving this goal and success ensues.


Be confident

It is easy to become unmotivated, lazy, stressed out because you may start thinking that people would laugh at you and your goal. You may think who are you to want to build websites for others. In this case, it may not be the lack of motivation that hinders you, but feeling afraid of people's reaction and seeing yourself look ridiculous lead to the issue "all I want to do is sleep" because you may feel everything sucks.


Fight resistance

Resistance can be defined as the act or power of resisting, opposing or withstanding. There will always be some force that is in front of you trying to make sure you do not achieve your goal. A person can lack motivation or have no energy to do anything because of this. So to overcome the resistance you are facing, work harder and stay off of the disturbing factors, such as social websites, that only take up time you would otherwise be spending on your goal.


Join the right group

To keep up with the motivation, try to stay away from negative people because negative people complain without an end and may spoil all your mood and ambition. What you really need to do is to be around people who inflate your tire of energy, encourage you to focus on your goal and make you leave no room for that sleepy feeling.


Start small

In order to achieve your dreams, make a list. Accomplish one thing at a time and at last you will be amazed at how much you can achieve. This is a positive cycle because every small achievement will make you feel you are one step closer to your goal and stimulate you to work harder.


Look at the big picture

As seen above, make a list and stick to it. Try to move down this list every day. To keep from low to no motivation, you have to remember your original big picture goal. Let this help you along and keep you energized and organized.


Create urgency

To create a sense of urgency in your to-do list or you job goals, set deadlines. Setting deadlines for a particular project or job can whip you into action even when the feeling "all I want to do is sleep" attacks. This is because deadlines give you a feeling of urgency, then you will be triggered to have things done by a certain date.


Get proper rest

If you begin to feel unmotivated and out of energy, then rest. It's as simple as that. A person, like a vehicle, needs to refuel and recharge. The most common sense thing you can do is rest when needed and unmotivated to break the downswing. Spend some time on a hobby that has been sorely neglected for instance. Do the things you love, take a walk, eat a great, healthy meal, watch a movie or any other things that help get your head and sometimes heart back in the right place.


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