Being bald isn’t considered beautiful. If anything, it’s considered embarrassing, especially if a person is bald by choice, and especially if that person happens to be a woman! There’s really no need for us to spell out that society is much harsher on women when it comes to “beauty” standards than it is on men. But here’s the thing – times are changing and people are progressing towards having a more open minded outlook about, well, everything. So why not go bald? It can actually benefit you. Surprised? Don’t be.

Advantages of Being Bald

For those of you still not ready to believe that going/being bald is actually a good thing, hear us out.

There is no bad hair day

This one is a boon for the ladies out there. Remember when you used to check your hair in the mirror every 5 minutes to see whether it was in place or had gone all Godzilla on you? Well, gone are those days.


You save time

Now this one’s true for both genders. Remember when you used to wake up in the morning, get ready and then spend a decent amount of time on getting your hair ready? Or that party which you really wanted to go to, but got delayed because of your hair? Well, when you’re bald, you don’t have to worry about wasting unnecessary time on grooming!

What's more, if you’re a woman, you know how much time you wasted in washing your hair, drying it and then styling it. Especially if you have long hair. And now, you get to spend that time for more important activities, like getting an extra 20 minutes of sleep!


You look more mature

Being bald is linked to being older and being older is linked to being done with puberty.


It makes you look jacked

This is one of those advantages of being bald that work out wonderfully for men. Have you seen bodybuilders and WWF wrestlers? A lot of them are bald because this makes the head look smaller which in turn makes their shoulders look bigger. So irrespective of how your body actually is, you’re going to be perceived as someone who’s jacked up, simply because you’re bald.


No embarrassing haircut in old photos

Remember how you cringed when you saw your old high school photos with that stupid hair and makeup? You’ll be cringing 20 years from now at your current hair and makeup. Your excuse back then was that you were a stupid teenager. What’s your excuse going to be 20 years from now?

If you’re bald, you can proudly show off your photos without having to secretly worry about being judged for a stupid mullet you thought would look great on you at one point of time in the hair fashion industry.


You save money on hair grooming

You can save hundreds of dollars you spend on haircuts, shampooing, conditioning and even oiling your hair. You also will not have to worry about which shampoo (among the hundreds in the supermarket aisle) you should buy this time for your hair.


No more receding hairline

Because – no hair, no hairline! If you’re one of those men who are exhibiting (or prone to exhibiting) male pattern baldness, why not take advantages of being bald?


You can concentrate on facial hair

A lot of bald men opt for having facial hair like moustaches and/or beards. Why? Because the time spent on grooming the hair on your head is now otherwise spent on grooming your facial hair. Not to mention how much of a badass such an appearance makes you look like.


No weird hairline tan lines

Remember that one afternoon you spent sleeping at the beach and woke up 4 hours later to realize you had a horrible tan line near your hairline? What’s worse was that whenever you wore your hair in a tight ponytail, the pulled back hair made your tan line more prominent, thus embarrassing you in front of friends and family. But when you’re bald, your whole head gets to join the tan party.


Your eyes stand out

When you have hair, it takes away a lot of attention from your eyes, especially if they aren’t a piercing blue or green in color. But once the distraction’s gone, it’s your eyes that stand out.


You always stand out

Especially if you happen to be a girl or a woman. That’s because, as we all know, there aren’t as many bald women in our society as bald men. Besides, once you’re bald, you automatically become free from a lot of social conditionings, and people start seeing you as a rebel.

Some will look at you because “women shouldn’t be bald” but a lot more will look at you because they’re appreciating a woman who breaks societal barriers to do what makes her feel good. Isn’t that one of the best advantages of being bald?



This works out perfectly for both genders. See, the thing is, when you have hair, you seldom wear hats, because why bother with those big things, right? But when you’re bald, you get creative when it comes to being fashionable, and one of the best outcomes of this is – wearing hats. Beanies, fedoras, Baseball caps or Derby – take your pick and rock that look wherever you go!


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