Adding an outlet for your garage is a great way for you to keep your electric car charged at all times. An electric car is a wonderful investment for those that wish to help out the environment.

Part 1


Step 1 – Locate Nearest Outlet

Find the last existing outlet that is in the circuit that is closest to your garage. Make sure that you turn the circuit breaker completely off where the lighting panel is so that you can cut the power off to this specific circuit. You will need to make sure that the appropriate circuit has been disconnected. In order to do this, use a volt meter.


Step 2 – Remove Cover

You will now need to get the cover in the existing outlet removed with your Phillip's head screwdriver. Once the cover has been removed, take the lower and the upper screw off from their receptacle. Pull them from the box and as far from the existing wire as possible.


Step 3 – Route New Wire

Once you have removed the cover successfully you are now ready to get your new electrical wire routed where the existing box is. Make sure that you pull about 6 inches of slack before you trim any. Once you have that, you will need to get about 4 inches of the outer sheath trimmed back so that you can expose the 3 electrical wires that are left.


Step 4 – Strip Insulation

You will now need to get about 1/2 of an inch of the insulation from the black and the white wires stripped back. Make sure that you get your black wire connected onto the existing receptacle’s copper wire screw that is dark. You will find that this particular screw will be located adjacent to the black wire that is also pre-existing. Make sure that you also connect your white wire to the light colored screw that is on the receptacle that is adjacent to your white wire that is also pre-existing. Tie your bare copper ground wires together inside of your outlet box.


Step 5 – Install

The receptacle is now ready to be installed onto the outlet box and then secured with the 2 screws that you already have. Make sure that you install your outlet cover over your receptacle and then secure it with your Phillips screwdriver. Once you have done this, you can get your new wire routed onto the necessary location of your new outlet.


Step 6 – Finish Up

The new outlet box can now be mounted using wood screws. Pull your electrical wire in the new outlet box and then allow for 6 inches of slack in the box. Trim back 4 inches and strip 1/2 an inch of the insulation. Connect the black and white wires as you did before and secure your bare ground wire. Install the receptacle onto your outlet box and secure it. Install the outlet cover on and turn on your circuit breaker.


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