One of the most memorable polo scenes was in the  movie “Pretty Woman” starring  Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.  Vivian, the character played by Julia Roberts,  attended a polo match wearing a brown sundress with polka dots and a matching hat.  In the movie, the polo match was part of a charity event and all of  the ladies were wearing stylish, designer sundresses, hats and gloves.  What the “Pretty Woman” movie didn’t show you was the casual side of polo.

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Polo has been cast with an image of tradition and formality.  While the sport of polo itself, is very traditional, the truth is, a majority of the polo games here in the United States are very casual, family events.  Most clubs don’t have a dress code unless you are dining in their clubhouse or in a Members Club.  Charity events that are attached to a polo match may have a theme or dress code, but not always. It is best to check with each polo club to see if they have a dress code for their public polo games.


What you will see at every polo match is a variety of mixed attire from blue jeans and flip flops to colorful sundresses, kakis and button down shirts. Polo games are outdoors and the weather will be a factor in your  wardrobe selection.  Keep in mind that polo clubs have a lot of grass and unpaved areas, which make high heels a bit impractical.   It is a good idea to wear comfortable shoes. Heather Chronert, the General Manager at San Diego Polo Club, says “you can never be too dressed-up for polo.”  She also recommends hats and flats!


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