Girls at one point in their lives will like a man regardless of whether the man feels the same way or not. It is something they cannot avoid but will keep it to themselves without saying much. Sometimes they will give some subtle signs, like smiling to you every time she looks at you or secretly looking at you from time to time. So, what if a girl keeps asking your questions? What does this mean and how should you react? 

A Girl Keeps Asking Me Questions: What Does It Mean?

If a girl always asks you endless questions, she probably likes you and wants to keep talking to you all the time. If she manages to keep talking to you from time to time, it would be very hard for her to let you go. This is particularly so if she keeps on asking you a lot of questions that center on your personal life. Any questions directed towards what you like, what you do in your leisure time and what you will be doing over the weekend should send signals to you that she likes you.

If the girl is shy, she may not talk to you or ask you questions too often; however when she gets the opportunity, she will get close and talk to you but she may hide her face or go red in the face due to shyness. In a number of occasions, shy girls may go for a day without talking to you.

Additionally, just watch her behavior and see whether she takes a special interest as she talks to you or she just behaves like any other friend? If a girl does like asking you questions and show some of the following signs, then you can safely come to the conclusion that she really likes you.

More Signs a Girl's Into You


She works on her appearance around you

If you face the dilemma "a girl keeps asking me questions" and you also find that she begins to dress up and do her hair when you meet. There is a high chance that she wants to be noticed. Definitely, some girls could just want to keep looking good all the time. So, you should note whether she is dressing up to make an impression to you or it's just her habit to look good.


She gets excited when seeing you

A girl who is all smiles or who keeps a sneaking look at you when you two meet is most likely interested in you. Have you caught her staring at you and probably looked away after your eyes meet? These are good signs which mean she is attracted by you, can't help but pay attention to you and may even wants you to notice her. 


She touches and/or teases you

A girl could start teasing you by making jokes about you or hitting you in a playful manner. This is a very good sign that she is interested in you and wants to seek your attention because she's trying to bring you two closer by those small acts.


She's near you always the time

If you are facing the dilemma "a girl keeps asking me questions", you may guess that she likes you but with this sign, you can confirm that she does like you. There is a high chance that a girl will make an effort to hang out in places where she knows she can come across you "accidentally". If you think you've run into her too often at totally different places, you should think beyond coincidence, guys.


You come first in her texts and calls

Whenever on phone, she will try to extend the conversation. And you will be the first one she contacts via texts and/or calls. It is not easy for a woman to text or call a man even when she is bored. Therefore, a call from her usually suggests that she is thinking about you. Only a woman who has interests in you will do that.


She tells you she's single

A woman will make it known to you whether she is going out with a man or not. If she says that she is available or single, you should know that she is interested in you and probably even want you to make a move towards her. 


She compliments you

A girl keeps asking me questions and complimenting me, so how should I react? If a girl cannot stop complimenting you, just take the compliments if you're also interested in her because it's her way to show her liking for you. 


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