A pregnant teenager is likely to face more problems throughout the pregnancy period to the time she gives birth. Pregnant teenagers also face problems that a grown up woman would not face for example discrimination and harassment. This happens because teen pregnancy is not something that a teenager had planned for so they are not ready to face it. Let’s look at some of the negative sides to know about pregnant teenagers.

9 Negative Sides to Know About Pregnant Teenagers

Pregnant Teenagers Are Less Likely to Continue with Education

When teen pregnancy happens, the first thing to be affected according to teen pregnancy facts is education. According to research most pregnant teenagers will drop out from school because of the fear of embarrassment, humiliation and harassment from the fellow teenagers. Teenage pregnancy statistics shows that only a third of teen mothers ever earn a high school diploma and less than 2% of them receive a college degree. This ruins the pregnant teenager’s hopes of getting a good job they might have wanted.

Teenage Mothers Work the Hardest to Support Their Children

Pregnant teenagers drop out of school and the highest number of them do not go back to school according to teenage pregnancy statistics. This puts the pregnant teenagers in a very risky situation because it is very hard to get a good job without education and without a good job it becomes even harder to support their kid. This results to pregnant teenagers working twice as hard as they are supposed to because they have to support their kid in one way or the other. One of many teen pregnancy facts is that teenage mothers work the hardest to support their children on their own.

Teenage Pregnancy Is Likely to Cause Depression

Pregnant teenagers suffer from stress twice as the normal grown up woman would suffer. This is because they face a lot of discrimination from their fellow teenagers and also from the society at large. Teen pregnancy facts show that teen pregnancy faces harsh criticism from everybody and only a few friends support the pregnant teenager. Pregnancy comes with its own emotional and physical stress and when combined with the extra pressure from the society, a pregnant teenager is more likely to suffer from depression.

Effects of Teen Pregnancy on the Society

The society is affected by teen pregnancy in that a pregnant teenager will have to be supported starting from the parents to the neighbors who will look at the pregnant teenager when there is no one around to take care of them. It becomes very hard for the parent to support the pregnant teenager. Since most of the pregnant teenagers end up dropping out from school, this creates a society that is uneducated. This shows that if teen pregnancy rates increase the society becomes highly uneducated.

Effects of Teenage Pregnancy on the Country

According to teenage pregnancy statistics most teen parents have a hard time in paying for the costs teen pregnancy brings. Teen pregnancy facts show that teenage mothers without an advanced education lack the skills needed to get well-paying jobs and they often depend on the society especially welfare programs that are kept running by the taxpayers. Costs related to healthcare, welfare programs like foster care and other governmental programs that exist to help teen parents costs the U.S government more than 9 billion dollars.

Negative Effects on Children

Teen pregnancy facts show that children born from teenage mothers are likely to suffer from more health risks as compared to children born from grown-up women. This is because most teenagers’ bodies are not fully developed to handle the complications that come with pregnancy. One of the most common complications found in children from teen mothers is low birth weight. This can lead to blindness, deafness and some respiratory problems and sometimes even death. Pregnant teenagers are also known to be less caring meaning the kid will less medical care and treatment as compared to kids born to grown up women.

Teenage Pregnancy and Diseases

Pregnant teenagers will have had sex without protection and this exposes them to diseases like STD’s which they run a risk of passing to their unborn child. A pregnant teenager is more likely to ignore any disease they might have due to lack of education on such matters and also most of pregnant teenagers are not well educated.

Change of Lifestyle

A pregnant teenager will ignore the fact they need to change some behaviors and adjust to those that are fit for a pregnant person. Some kind of foods and also smoking and drinking alcohol will put pregnant teenagers at risk of having a deformed child or even having a miscarriage. Some kinds of food that are recommended by doctors for pregnant women will be rejected by most pregnant teenagers thus risking their unborn child’s live through the messy lifestyle.

Bad Reputation

Many societies will brand pregnant teenagers as being bad and some parents will even warn their children not to talk to any pregnant teenagers to avoid what they call the ripple effect. Some are even warned not to become friends with anyone from that house because they fear their children being influenced by the pregnant teenager. According to teenage pregnancy statistics girls born from a teenage mother will most probably have teen pregnancy at their teenage and that boys who are born by teenage mothers are more likely to end up in prison. This information whether true or not tend to brand the pregnant teenager as having a bad reputation and they are treated as outcasts by harsh societies.


Teen pregnancy rates have decreased but teen pregnancy is a problem that will continue facing all countries all over the world despite the governments having programs that teach on how to avoid teen pregnancy and the negative effects it brings to the pregnant teenager, the society and the country as a whole. According to teenage pregnancy statistics over the past few years, teen pregnancy rates have declined at an amazing rate but still a good number of teenagers still get pregnant each year.


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