"Why does my boy friend says I am cute instead of hot or beautiful?”

"All of my friends and even boyfriends call me cute. I don't want to be just cute, i want to be called pretty. How can I change this?"

"How to become beautiful? I don't want to be called hot or sexy"

Many questions similar to above mentioned are asked by girls every day. They want to know how to be beautiful rather than cute. They feel beautiful is stronger word as compare to cute and it defines them more appropriately. Some feels its inferior to be called as cute or it's like they are too young to be praised or too ugly to be called beautiful. Let's look for the meaning of both and then find the ways for how to be beautiful rather than cute.

How to Be Beautiful Rather Than Cute

Cute Vs. Beautiful

For dictionary the meaning is not much different as cute means attractive in a pretty or endearing way while beautiful means pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically. Difference lies in common usage of both words. In fact both words are used as expressing women of different qualities. "Cute" is a delicate word used for a girl with lovely shy looks. It is mostly used for young teenage girls with tender and soft impression. “Beautiful" is very powerful word describing women with distinct personality. Beautiful is usually used for a women who have good looks, confidence and quality to inspire others with her charisma.

Cute is usually used to express feelings for kids, teen age girls and pets. So this make it difficult for young girls to absorb as they are trying to be beautiful and feel elder and leaving the childhood behind them.

"Beautiful" can be used in many ways to express different feelings. It depends upon circumstances and the women and the caller them self to decide that in what meaning they are using the word beautiful.

It can be used for physical appearance as well as for a kind heart and caring nature. A women can be called beautiful for number of reasons but in any way or situation it's the most powerful and memorable moment for any women.

For girls, being called as" beautiful" rather than "cute" is like an up gradation from childhood to being a youngster. There are number of quotes about beauty that describe a girl's desire to be called beautiful. How to be beautiful rather than cute in true meanings? It require a little extra effort. Although many beauty tips and tricks available to look beautiful but it is not a simple matter of beauty only. It's about personality as a whole.

Tips on How to Be Beautiful Rather Than Cute

"Beautiful" is the word that force the women for Botox and surgeries and zero size. This word is like the hub-of-wheel and a women's life revolve around it. "How to be beautiful"-It plays the role of a base for women's life long struggle and wishes. But it will be unfair to treat this word just to define looks. It is a sacred word one should keep to define those for whom they can't use "hot", or "sexy" or similar words. It adds a value in usual meaning of word "beautiful".

Many quotes about beauty mention such additional value for example, “Beauty Lies in the Eyes of Beholder". This means there are additional qualities associated with beauty that can turn an ugly face with good behavior to be called as "beautiful" and a good looking face with bad behavior turn into "ugly" for the one who experience such behavior.

How to Be Beautiful


Passion is the most beautiful quality for any women in the world. A women having passion for different things like passion for travel or becoming successful in her career is a women worth called “beautiful". A women with passion easily get excited about different things and keep her loved ones near to her. She is worth talking in bed rather than sleeping with her.

Beauty Tips and Tricks.

It's a very common habit for any women to use beauty tips and tricks for how to be beautiful and how to improve the looks. There is no limit of beauty enhancement efforts. A women's appearance is very important and she is always touchy about the comments for her appearance.

Inside Beauty

Inside beauty is difficult to achieve as it does not require any cosmetics or hair styles. Inside beauty is achieved by behavior. A beautiful women attracts people by her inner beauty and they like to stay near her.


Beautiful people are often mysterious too. Whether they are talkative they don't like to talk about their own inner self. This makes them mysterious and charismatic for others.


Confidence is not relying on others for anything. Women with ego and self respect feel it uncomfortable to rely upon others. This give them confidence and courage.

Right Time

A beautiful women always know the right time to speak, to remain silent and to wear a smile. She can appropriately decide which dress suits on her on which occasion.

Free of Fear

A women with a fear for consequences for her decisions cant make her way toward new horizon. A women with free will, confidence to choose alternative and make daring decisions to make her way to achieve her passion is most attractive women.

Quotes About Beauty

Almost all the quotes and sayings about beauty are not about apparent beauty of a women. Rather these are about inner beauty, character and personality and clearly answering about how to be beautiful.

  • Keep yourself clean no matter how much busy you are. A regular bath, brushing the teeth and cleaning the nails give a fresh and neat look and keep active all day. It's good to clean hair on alternative day but if you use some hair spray then better to wash that before sleeping.
  • Take care of Acne problem. If u have acne problem very often then avoid doing experiments with your skin. Consult a skin specialist and follow the directions to avoid acne.
  • Avoid make up as much as you can. Although makeup give a charming look in few minutes and easy to carry but it has its own side effects. It is safe approach to avoid using make up whenever possible. Always remove make up before sleeping and avoid using heavy makeup if you have to go for long time.
  • Choose nice and comfortable dressing for any occasion. A painful heal or uncomfortable dress can change your facial expressions drastically. Better to use suitable jewelry similar to dress as well as similar to your personality.
  • Try to practice good habits as often as you can. Although inner beauty depends much on some God gifted qualities but a regular practice can also make them a part of your personality.

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