Motherhood is one of the biggest blessings of being a woman. The road to become a mother is a nine-month long journey. The process of experiencing this wonderful journey is termed as pregnancy. After some unadulterated romantic moments with your husband, it’s the time to find out if love has taken any shape inside your womb i.e. to find out if you’re pregnant or not. But wait, the first time pregnant ladies might not know what the early signs of pregnancy are. Let’s look at the 8 points below to find out what are the early signs of pregnancy.

8 Early Signs of Pregnancy

Missed Menstrual Cycles

Missed period is best indicator of early signs of pregnancy. When a girl enters puberty at the age of 13, she starts getting those painful menstrual cycles. Maximum duration of MC is seven days while minimum duration is seven days. When the male sperm is implanted in ovum of women, a zygote starts to develop. This zygote finally turns into organic cell that develops slowly inside the womb. The women’s ovulation needs spermatozoa to get fertilized. If it does not get the sperm, the menstrual cycles occur. Thus, when the sperm implantation has been done, the female ovary gets fertilized resulting in missed periods.

If you have missed periods than your regular duration, this is one of the very early signs of pregnancy.

Drop In Body Temperature

The drop in body temperature can be one of those very early signs of pregnancy. Our human body temperature generally stands at 98.6 degrees. If the high temperature results in fever and vein heat, low body temperature can cause conditions of anemia. 

When you are fully-fledged pregnant (after the baby bump is visible), temperature variation are normal. But when pregnancy is in premature stages, body temperature drops to considerable low levels. When the body becomes very cold and you start feeling extreme cold even without change in external temperature, these can be first early signs of pregnancy.

Abdominal Cramps/Hot Flashes

During the early signs of pregnancy cramping occurs. When the baby inside the womb grows, it stretches out your uterus and you feel cramping abdominal pain. This is very normal type of pain occurring on both sides of abdomen, and as baby keeps stretching, there are even abdominal marks on your skin. The abdominal pains usually occur during first few weeks of pregnancy and it’s completely tolerable. Even if it isn’t, the joy of being a mommy subsides every type of pain. Apparently, the abdominal cramps are one of the first early signs of pregnancy.

Also, there are hormonal changes in the body if you are pregnant. The rashes on skin, developing acne, red marks, and other hot types of gushed blood outbreak is completely normal during early signs of pregnancy 1st week. When the girl is still a teenager while being pregnant, these flashes can be pathetic as there can be dual attacks of pregnancy hormonal change as well as teenage factor. Nonetheless, if you have persistent abdominal collywobbles or hot flashes after a week of sexual intercourse, maybe it’s the early signs of pregnancy before missed period.

Nausea & Vomiting

After early signs of pregnancy cramping can be the very worse which denotes that life has initiated inside you. In the old retro movies, a vomiting girl stereotyped that she’s pregnant and still is one of the graphic methods for others to judge a woman’s pregnancy. In some cultures around the world, a married woman vomiting is treated with sweets and celebration that as old ladies come to know about first early signs of pregnancy. Well, I wonder what if she is vomiting due to other reasons. However, nausea and vomiting are the early signs of pregnancy which gives people to something gossip about too.

Soreness in the Nipples

Soreness is the nipples can be the early signs of pregnancy 1st week status. As there is increased blood flow during your pregnancy, there are lateral changes on sensitive areas of the body. Breasts are quite delicate and tender during pregnancy period. Also, there are some sores caused on the breast and it tends to become very mild. The nipples pain a lot too. It may sometimes appear red, tacky, tingly, and very sensitive on contact. Breast inflammation is one the early signs of pregnancy 1st week. It starts to grow during the first trimester as the baby grows which brings autarchic increase in size of breasts.

Fatigue and Exhaustion

When you start feeling tired very often with slightest of work, this can be early signs of pregnancy before missed period. You may find this very noticing as exhaustion was not this bad before. Exhaustion always gets better of you every time you opt for some type of physical activity. Also, stretching and bending gives you musculoskeletal pains. If you suffer extreme exhaustion without any reason, these possibly are the very early signs of pregnancy. All you want to do is put up your head on the pillow & rest as much as you can.

Check with excess of exhaustion and sleep apnea which are common during earliest phases of pregnancy.

Gastrointestinal Problems

If this happens, this is one more confirmation that you are carrying a life inside your womb & a strong indicator of early signs of pregnancy.

There might be an increase in the gastrointestinal woes, if you have conceived. If you are pregnant, you will keep on bloating more than usual. When you are pregnant, the grown uterus contracts the digestive track which slows down the digestion process. This makes you feel heavy in the stomach and your belly would seem like a hot air balloon with an extreme amount of gas in it. Also, there might be constipation issues as well. Do not pressurize yourself nor press the belly to relieve the pressure, as this might not be a normal gas problem, but caused due to early signs of pregnancy before missed period.

Craving for Food, Especially Some Spicy

When early signs of pregnancy are noticed, one may also see the hormonal changes making your blood flowing at faster speeds throughout your body. This increases the energy consumption of your body which makes you dehydrated soon. Therefore, it is always recommended to gulp down oodles of water to keep yourself hydrated. 

This also causes dry mouth and the sense of taste goes for the toss. The food seems less tasty and you like craving for spicy or sour food that tastes good on the tongue. The craving for food also increases due to the hunger of baby inside your womb. Extreme craving for food is one of the very early signs of pregnancy.


If any of the above signs (more than one) occur with you after having a sexual intercourse, these are the early signs of pregnancy. Just check it with the pregnancy detector kit and you’ll be assured of the result. However, if any of these symptoms are over the top, please see a medical supervision as soon as possible.


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