Moving house seems to be an exciting thing to do. However, it is also related to lots of changes, hard work and tons of emotions. Here are seven thoughts that everyone has during a move.

7 Thoughts Everyone Has During a House Move


“To throw or not to throw”

One of the hardest decisions to make during a move is what goes to the garbage and what will make it to your new home. In fact, for some people it might lead to a nervous breakdown. How do you get rid of that old stained rug that served you faithfully for ages?! Well, in fact you do not “have” to do anything. There are some items to which we relate in a more personal and sentimental way. Just keep them. However, remember that the less you keep, the easier it will be to carry it. Apart from throwing something, you can also donate it or give it away as a present. Just think about it! That’s one great way for movers to become better people!


“How do I pack all that?”

Nobody likes packing, especially when it comes to packing A LOT! One great trick that can save you a lot of time and efforts are vacuum bags. You can use them to pack your clothes, linen or small items and fit them into the boxes. Make sure you put heavy items on the bottom of the box and lighter ones on the top. In case you have something fragile, wrap it with a layer of soft fabric or paper. Use tape to close the box seams and label each box with a piece of paper. Thus, you will avoid the chaos and know the exact location of each item.


“How do I move the furniture?”

Apart from your favorite items, think about moving the furniture. Unless you possess a van yourself (or you are Superman), you will need help from a moving company. They will load the boxes and drive them to the new location. You can also use the help of a man with van and pay him to drive your belongings.


“What about the administrative part?”

Once you have moved out, you need to finalize your bills and cut off your utilities. Thus, you will make sure that you will not pay for something that you did not use. Another important step is changing your address and redirecting your mail. After all, it is only SPAM mail that will always follow you no matter where you go.


“How should I arrange my new home?”

This is one of the most common issues that house movers face. However, it could well be the most exciting one! Now you have the chance to start afresh and do anything you have always wanted to do! Pain the bathroom pink, get a 3D wall, draw faces on the ceiling – now is your chance to create your new home according to your preferences! Just use your imagination and don’t worry about what people think! (After all, no one knows you in the new neighborhood).


“How do I say goodbye?”

Leaving a place could be a very emotional experience, especially when you are moving far away. Make sure you don’t leave without saying goodbye. Go for a walk in your favorite places. Get an ice cream from the nearby booth. Throw a party at home and invite all your friends from the neighborhood. It will make you feel better. Try to keep the good memories and move on.


“How do I fit in the new community?”

Every goodbye is a new hello. House movers need to remember that and do their best to fit in the new neighborhood. Bake some cookies and meet your neighbors. They might be your first friends in the new community. Walk around and get familiar with the surroundings: the food stores, the bus stops, the cafés and restaurants. Ask around about the activities organized in the new community. Try to be active. A new home will bring new people and new experiences into your life. You just need to find them and appreciate them.

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