If burning stomach fat was easy, then just about everyone would be walking around with some sexy abs. Unfortunately, it isn’t true, and one needs to get a good regime of stomach exercises in order to get that perfect look which you have always been wanting.

Getting a flat stomach isn’t all about putting in a lot of hard work, but also about ‘knowing’ the right way to get about to it. Read on and learn which the best stomach exercises that everyone must practice are. These are known to be great stomach toning exercises.

7 Stomach Exercises All of Us Should Do

Run or Walk

This is possibly one of the most efficient, as well as, the easiest of all stomach exercises there is. When we exercise, the calories that are present in our body get burnt, and in turn the body fat percentage goes down making the stomach region of the body look flatter, not to mention fitter. Hence, it is considered to be one of the best stomach exercises.

Running, as well as, walking is the best exercise for the stomach. Not only does it help lower the fat content in the stomach, but also helps in doing so throughout the body. However, if you would like to know which among these two happens to be the better option, then it is running. It is also one of the finest stomach toning exercises available.

The fact that the only equipment which you will ever need for this is a pair of good shoes is an added advantage. With these flat stomach exercises, you will be able to show off your body in no time.

Use Elliptical Trainers

As we grow older, our metabolism slows down which in turn makes it a lot harder for us to lose weight and unfortunately, all of it accumulates around our stomach. As though aging and slowing metabolism wasn’t enough, to add to our woes our joints too get weaker. Hence, there is a need for great stomach exercises for men and women.

All of the above mentioned things make it hard to achieve that perfect stomach, and a lot harder to maintain the same. Although walking and jogging are great stomach exercises, you will need to get a step ahead and start using the elliptical jogger. It provides an intense workout, which is also low on impact.

Bicycle Exercise

Burning all of that unwanted fat around the belly with the above mentioned cardio exercises is just half the battle. The next thing on the list of stomach exercises will help in strengthening the muscles in the abdomen. If you are planning on showing off your abs in the next swimsuit season, then this is the exercise you should stick with.

The reason why bicycle exercises are considered to be great is because it requires body rotation, abdominal stabilisation and also increased abdominal muscle activity. Hence, it is considered to be one of the best stomach exercises for men.

If you warm up your body before hopping onto that bicycle, then it will help you get that chiseled body a lot faster than otherwise. This is considered as one of the best stomach exercises.

Abdominal Crunches

An age old classic among all stomach exercises, abdominal crunches have stuck around for a very long time since they are very effective when it comes to showing great results in the area around the stomach. This is the great exercise if you are looking to strengthen as well as tone the muscles in your abdomen. None of the stomach toning exercises is better than this.

Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to do them incorrectly and end up in a worse shape than they began with. So before you go on and practice abdominal crunches, do all the research you can regarding this particular exercise and only then proceed with it. There are also several variations available to this exercise which you can explore. This is why it features on the list of stomach exercises for women.

Reverse Crunch

You will always find reverse crunches in the list of stomach exercises, particularly in that list which are specifically for flat stomach exercises. It will not just be mentioned in the list, but will also be ranked a lot higher than most of them. Although regular crunches do impact the body and help in making sure that all the fat in the stomach area is lost, reverse crunches are considered to be a lot better.

Apart from the abdominal area, these reverse crunches target the muscles present on the sides whose job is to pull in the muscles. So if you are looking to create an exercise regime to get the perfect stomach, then this should be added high on your list of the stomach exercises for women.

Exercise Ball Crunch

As the name suggests, you will need to do crunches on the exercise ball. What is so hard in that you ask? Well, practising crunches is hard and it drains you off energy, as well as, calories. Doing the same thing on the exercise ball, gives you a magnified version of the benefits which regular crunches do. Hence, it is on the list of the best stomach exercises.

An exercise ball happens to be an excellent tool when used to carry out stomach exercises. This exercise is a lot more effective than the regular crunches because of how involved the legs are here. This is one of the most beneficial stomach exercises for women.

The Plank

One of the hardest stomach exercises, the exercise works through the entire front portion of your midsection. It strengthens the abdominal muscles and tightens the mid section.

Apart from giving you an excellent core, the exercise helps in reducing the back pain and also helps in making the body a lot more flexible. This is because all of the muscles which are involved expands and stretches. Hence, it is known to be one of the finest stomach exercises for men.

Along with the above mentioned benefits, doing the plank will help in improving the overall balance, as well as, posture of the body.


Irrespective of all the stomach exercises you choose to go with, one golden rule which everyone must remember is, it is always quality over quantity. Exhausting yourself by working out for hours together, may not always be the right way to go if you are looking to replace all that stomach fat with washboard abs. What matters, is how well are you working out, and making use of the flat stomach exercises.


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