You should be amazed to discover that yoga can rejuvenate your skin and make you look young. Who on earth wouldn’t want to look young always anyway? I suppose no one. It is every one's dream to wear a skin with a fine luster. The most interesting thing about yoga is the multiple benefits one acquires from each and every technique. It’s high time to major on yoga to help you achieve a glowing wrinkle free skin complexion. Here are six yoga poses for wrinkle free skin, do not miss out find out how:

6 Yoga Poses to Make Your Skin Wrinkle Free


Do some yoga poses


  • Commonly known as the yoga mudra. With crossed legs sit on your mat. This is an easy pose.

  • With your right hand positioned at your back hold your wrist and maintain the posture.

  • While inhaling pull your shoulders backward to the behind and try to expand your chest.

  • You can then exhale while you bend forwards with your forehead positioned at your knee.

  • Inhaling go back to the starting position. Do it while varying the position of your forehead while bend to the left, right and middle.

  • Do not stop there! Repeat these steps at least twice and experience the magic yoga does to your skin.


Ever heard of Yoni Mudra

Yoga poses not only bring hope in the beauty industry. Other benefits of yoga for weight loss help add up to a beautiful skin and healthy body.


  • Sit in Sukhasana

  • Put your thumbs on your ears and the index fingers on your closed eyelashes.

  • Then place your middle fingers on your nostrils and little fingers below your lower lips.

  • Make sure that your elbows stay parallel to the ground.

  • While in this pose concentrate on your breath.

  • With the posture stay still for 10 minutes. Avoid exerting pressure to your fingers.


Practice chakra asana yoga


  • In an erect position, stand with your feet parallel and apart. Interlock your hands in the front.

  • While inhaling raise your hands up and bend backwards.

  • Bend forward and swing your arms behind as you exhale.

  • While inhaling, return to the initial original position

  • Beauty means routine do repeat the yoga process at least thrice.


The optimal yogit facial massage

Ever heard of the yoga yogit facial massage? If no then you here it is. This is the most appropriate type of yoga moves to fight aging. Say no to the stubborn wrinkles that make your face complexion old and dull. Yogit is a technique that will make you forget all your expensive skin treatments. Yogit stimulates the facial nerves to crown your with a beautiful youthful glow. Other than this yogit helps you get relaxed and reduces stress which is one of the causes of facial wrinkles.


  • Massage your forehead gently but firmly using your fingers starting from the centre to the temples of your forehead.

  • Pinch your eye brows gently along the length for 3 to 4 times.

  • Massage around your eyes in circular motion this will help with wrinkles that appear at the corners of your eyes.

  • Doing some gentle outward strokes massage your cheeks.

  • Position your face to look upwards toward the ceiling then massage the neck. Most people ignore the neck in many beauty regimes. Yogit helps you get a full beauty package. Don’t use massage oil


The bow yoga pose


Lying on your belly put your arms on either side of the body.

With legs bent try to reach out for your ankles with your hands and then raise the legs.

Do raise your head and neck upwards while inhaling and hold in that position.

While exhaling return to your starting position, repeat the yoga pose more than once.


Do not forget the scated forward bend pose


  • While sitting on the ground inhale as you stretch your legs in front of you.

  • Keep your knees firm and ensure that you don’t bend them while in practicing this pose.

  • Exhaling bend forward holding your toes. In the same posture try to get your forehead touch the knees. Hold the posture for at least 10 seconds.

  • Get back to the original position as you inhale.

  • Repeat for 3 times.



For years yoga has been used for so many purposes like fitness, de-stressing and for beauty reasons. If your desire for a skin which is wrinkle free, clear and glowing yoga poses is the way to go. Go beyond the normal cleansing and moisturizing with yoga poses.

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