We often hear "first impression last" but many of us don't know the true meaning of it. People with some problems may know the real meaning of this in better way as they have to do some effort to make their appearance good. These problems include common skin problems and hair problems. It may not bother a house wife to have dry skin or oily hair but for a working or social women it's very important. Many women around us spend so much time to find ways for how to get rid of oily hair, how to get healthy hair or remedies for double skin tone.

It is very important for working women to look good to attain confidence and face competition on her workplace. In this effort of looking good, oily hair are a big trouble. It is considered very difficult and expensive to maintain a fresh and healthy look for oily hair. In live TV shows these are among most commonly asked questions from skin specialists that "how to get rid of greasy hair?" or "how to get healthy hair?"

There are many reasons for oily hair. Some reasons are uncontrollable like heredity, hormonal changes, fluctuations in menstrual cycle etc and some are controllable like stress, use of birth control pills, excessive habit of eating oil rich foods and poorly adopted hair care. Later causes can be controlled by consulting doctor, changing habits and looking for alternatives.

How to get rid of oily hair and improving the looks is dream of every women having oily hair. Many shampoos and conditioners are available to answer the question of how to get rid of greasy hair. The problems are

  • They are too expensive and not everyone can afford them.

  • They provide very temporary fresh look.

  • These are not suitable for every skin type so it's difficult to choose an appropriate one.

  • They may have side effects and there is a risk of hair damage.

Medication is also not a good solution and not acceptable for all. Medicines too have side effects. The best solution is to find a natural remedy for hair as its long lasting plus not harmful for skin or hair. natural remedies are inexpensive, tested from long time, and easy to do as most ingredients are commonly available at home.

How to Get Rid Of Greasy Hair - Natural Remedies

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains many vitamins and minerals that help control the level of oil secretion. It can be used in many ways. One easy and famous recipe for home made shampoo is:

Mix one Tea spoon of aloe Vera gel, one table spoon of lemon juice and one cup of any mild shampoo mix all of this keep in a jar. Apply it on hair few minutes before washing and then wash in thoroughly. This shampoo can be kept for 6 to 7 days in refrigerator. Regular use of this shampoo will detoxify the scalp of impurities and help in oil control.

Lemon Juice and Honey

Lemon juice is very effective and proven remedy for women finding the solution for how to get rid of greasy hair. Lemon helps maintain pH level as it have acidic properties and also help control oil secretion level in hair.

For oily hair treatment take juice of one lemon and mix it into three tea spoon of honey and one full cup of water. Mix it very well and leave for some time. Apply this on hair for 3-5 minutes and then wash it with shampoo. Repeat 2 to 3 times per week to get best result.

Honey and Egg Yolk

Mix two tea spoon of honey in one egg yolk and mix it well. Massage this on hair for some time and then left it for twenty minutes. After that wash it completely with shampoo. It will give a bright and fresh look to hair and make them silky. Do it twice a week for better result.

Black Tea

Black tea contains tannic acid that strengthen pores and reduce the oil production level on scalp. Boil two table spoon of black tea in one cup of water for ten minutes. Strain the tea and let the water to normal temperature. Then pour it on hair and wait for 5 minutes than wash with shampoo. Two, three washes per week will keep the balance of oil on hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar have many advantages for oily hair. It not only controls the excessive oil but also work as a hair tonic to make hair softer and shiny. So how to get rid of greasy hair by using apple cider vinegar? Mix one cup of water and two to three table spoons of diluted apple cider vinegar. Apply it after washing hair with a shampoo. Apply the mixture and wait for few minutes and then wash with cold water. Make sure to use only diluted vinegar. Repeat two or three time a week and people around you will ask you for the secret, how to get rid of greasy hair and how to get healthy hair like you?


Henna is ancient solution for many problems of hair and natural way of getting beautiful hair. Henna and water is applied to scalp for getting a fresh look plus a beautiful shade of hair. How to get rid of oily hair by using henna needs one more ingredient. Applying a mixture of one egg and some quantity of henna and water and leaving it for two hours before washing will give amazing results. Make sure to apply henna with roots evenly.

How to Get Rid Of Greasy Hair Instantly?

How to Get Rid Of Greasy Hair Instantly?

How to get rid of greasy hair "instantly" rather than how to get rid of greasy hair "naturally" require different instant remedies. Natural remedies mentioned above need a period of time to achieve required results. Sometimes we have to attend some urgent gathering or have to go to market so how to get rid of greasy hair in this case of short time available. Below are Tips for instant results:

  • Shampooing will give an instant fresh look.
  • Rub some baby powder gently on the scalp. Wait for a while and allow powder to absorb all the excess oil on scalp. Than brush off extra powder.
  • Use Corn starch if you don't have baby powder available. Make sure to wash your hair when come back.
  • Put some hand sanitizer on your fingers and gently massage it in your hair roots. Alcohol based sanitizer will give an instant fresh look plus vaporize in minutes without leaving a need for washing.
  • Spray some perfume on roots and gently massage it. This will leave a freshness with sweet smelling hair.
  • Take wet wipes and scrub it in hair as thoroughly as you can. Wipes also contain alcohol and alcohol have magic effect to remove excessive oil from hair.

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