Mother’s Day is right around the corner. And while Mom loves the handmade cards and crafts from the kids, it’s also nice to receive a gift that can’t be hung on the fridge. Etsy is a great place to find amazing items that are handmade, vintage, and personalized so your gift is just as unique as she is. We’ve found six Etsy shops to help narrow down your shopping decisions.

Part 1


Make Pie Not War

Thank Mom for teaching you to reach for the stars. This constellation necklace and the other interesting pieces are conversation starters that she is likely to get a ton of compliments on. Customize one just for her!



Help Mom welcome spring with a colorful accessory like this handmade bird scarf from Derins. Soft cotton makes it perfect for any season, but the colors and birds say spring! There are plenty of styles to choose from.


Perfect Little Prints

Frame-worthy artwork from the little ones will be something Mom treasures forever. This personalized footprint artwork, for example, just may even bring a tear to her eye.



You’re going to get Mom a card, right? Why not make it the most unique card she’s ever been given. Cardtorial will make one out of wood for you. Now this is a card she’ll actually keep!


Silvana Sagan

Anything vintage is a good bet. This silver cross necklace from SilvanaSagan is no exception. It’s beautiful and is embellished on both the front and back.


Lily Reed

Personalization has become super fun. Everything from phone cases to luggage tags can be designed with Mom’s signature style and personality in mind. Our favorite is, of course, the family photo for her iPhone.


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