Summer might be our planet’s funnest season, but it’s surprisingly easy to mess up. One second you realize the weather’s just starting to warm up, the next you realize summer’s over and you’ve totally dropped the (beach) ball. Don’t let these mistakes get in the way of your good times while the sun’s still shining…

Part 1


Scheduling Too Much Crap

For some of us, we can’t have a good time unless it’s tightly regimented for every second. Except the whole point of summer is letting the fun happen. You might assume packing in a bunch of activities would make summer seem to last longer, but that’s only true if you feel like you’ve (blissfully) got too much time on your hands. Don’t go crazy with the overplanning. Allow yourself to have real fun…the kinda fun that doesn’t come with a Groupon expiration date.


Mishandling Your Fling

It’s summer, so you and every other human are super horny. But the humidity can go to your brain, and you’re liable to say things like, “I want to keep my options open — we’re only together until the fall, right?” or “Why don’t I apply to your college so this ‘fling’ lasts forever?” Either way, don’t over-analyze what this relationship is or how long it’s got, just enjoy it while it’s happening. You’re too dehydrated to be crying right now.


Turning Down BBQ Invites

There’s a reason why all everybody does in the summer is go to barbecues and pool parties: They’re awesome. Say “yes” to as many invitations as you can — bring your own soy dogs and veggie burgers, if you must — because there’s nothing lamer than…


Staying Put

OK, let’s say you live in an awful town. Maybe the schools are good, but the weather never feels like summer and there isn’t a beach in sight. It’s time to get your crew into that van that always breaks down and venture off to greener, or sandier, pastures. A summer without a road trip is a summer that never happened.


A Full-Time Job

Summer jobs might be the gateway to affording beer and low-grade pizza, but they’re no way for a man to spend his prime. OK, put in enough part-time hours to earn some extra cash, but make sure this is the summer when you did that thing you can never mention to anyone ever again, not the summer when you made a few grand working at the car wash.


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