As we were hunting for the perfect shower ideas, we turned to our friends at Brit + Co to create a floral-themed bridal or baby shower. Not only were they blooming with decorating ideas for your next party, they found a way to incorporate some of our best edible flower content and cocktails. Needless to say, it was the perfect arrangement! (Yes, pun intended.)

In the words of Wayne and Garth, “Party time! Excellent!” Read on for fab 5 floral ideas to make your shower a gorgeous success.

Part 1



When it comes to a party with your gal pals, whether it’s a bridal or a baby shower, we’re big fans of giving guests crowns—specifically flower crowns.

5 Ways to Add Flower Power to Your Shower

Beautifully crafted out of crepe paper, your flower crown will last forever. Make a special one with extra large flowers for the guest of honor. If it’s a bridal shower, have the bride wear it at the rehearsal! Not sure how to make a flower crown? We’ve got you covered with this paper flower crown tutorial.



This garland backdrop is whimsical, beautiful and very versatile.

By using rings to hold the flowers, you’ll be able to switch out the flowers or other themed items with every use. For our garland, we decided to use a mix of paper and real flowers and we love how it turned out.

This garland is a collection of vertical strings, each with key rings tied on with varying distribution.

  • Cut 12-20 strands of fishing line, depending on the length of your table.

  • Add a key ring a few inches from the end of the string and tie it in place. Move down the string about 6-8 inches and secure another ring.

  • Make paper flowers following one of these tutorials and then use the wire from the flower construction and wrap it to the ring. For real flowers, put the stem through the hoop. If your flower is top heavy, cut it at the base and then add wire by pushing it through the base of the flower perpendicular to the stem. Then twist it to create a wire stem.

  • Once your strings are complete, hang them up on the wall. Not only is this a great backdrop for your table, it’s also a great photo booth backdrop!



We all know that flowers are great to look at and smell, but did you know that they can be great to eat?! Many local grocery stores and garden nurseries sell edible flowers and we think this is a perfect party addition. Here’s a great tutorial to teach you the steps for making perfect edible flower ice cubes.

We recommend pouring water over the bottom of the tray before you remove the solid cubes. This will keep them from breaking.



What are these ice cubes for? You guessed it: DIY floral cocktails. Your guests will be impressed when they see these classy drinks, and pleasantly surprised by the hint of botanicals in their cocktail. Here are two delicious drinks to make for the party.

More Than A Mimosa


  • 5 oz gin

  • 1.5 oz lemon juice

  • 2 oz elderflower liqueur

  • champagne

  • lemon

Add the first three ingredients to a shaker and mix. Place flower ice cubes in a glass and add the mixture. Fill the rest of the glass with champagne and garnish with lemon wheels.

Tangerine Spritzer


  • 2 parts sauvignon blanc

  • 1 part freshly squeezed tangerine juice

Pour 2 parts sauvignon blanc and 1 part tangerine juice into a glass (or pitcher if you’re making a bunch). Fill the rest with soda, mix the ingredients and then garnish with tangerine wheels.

Drink up!


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