When it comes to dirty household items, what always comes to mind first would be the toilet bowl. But filthiness extends far beyond just the toilet, and here are some examples.

5 Unlikely Household Things That Are Really Dirty


Cutting Board

The cutting board is dirty simply because of what we use it for. Using the board to cut fruits or vegetables is fine, but the real issue comes when it is used to cut raw meat. Cross-contamination is also prevalent when the same cutting board is used to cut multiple items of different nature, eg. raw and cooked food.

We can easily clean our cutting boards by wiping the surface of the board with lemon and salt. This combo works best with wooden boards. Other alternatives include baking soda and vinegar.


"Clean" Laundry

This is quite the oxymoron. How is laundry that is supposedly "clean" actually be dirtier than we imagine? This is due to the washing machine that we use. If regular maintenance of the washing machine is not performed, bacteria and germs from previous washes can accumulate and remain within the clothes that we have washed.

Some methods used to clean washing machines include the use of chlorine bleaches. These can be used to run the empty machine once in a while to cleanse it. Other solutions include separating the washing of coloured and white clothing, with white clothing being washed first.


Smart Devices

How many times have we brought our smart devices with us when we answered nature's call? Smart devices can serve as a way to kill the boredom in the process, but this can accumulate large amounts of bacteria and germs on them. This could be unhealthy for us given the large amount of contact  that we have with these devices. It would be healthy to clean your smart devices regularly with anti-bacterial swipes.


Computer Keyboards

This one is a common issue for many households. In today's technology age, we can hardly find the time to leave our computers and laptops aside. What this causes is that we often have meals while using our computers, increasing the amount of crumbs or leftover stains on them. This can lead to increased contact with numerous germs and bacteria  that develop over time. A good habit to have would be to avoid eating while using keyboards, or to purchase those who allow for light washing or cleaning. A little more money can go a long way.


Kitchen Sponge

Too many times, we simply use the sponge to scrub through our dirty plates and cutlery, only to run it under the tap for awhile and then dump it back into its place. The sponge is a great (or not so great) place for germs to incubate in, so ways to keep it clean would be to simply change them regularly.

Hope you enjoyed the read!


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