Being a 300 pound woman isn’t something that you should hide. There are several things which you can definitely do but others may not be able to do. So you see, you do have some advantages of being a 300 pound woman. And we listed them below just to remind you how great you are. Perhaps you can explore more? Share with us and let’s inspire all the people around us.

7 Advantages of Being a 300 Pound Woman



Physical strength, for obvious reason, tops our list of 7 advantages of being a 300 pound woman. A 300 pound woman has the physical strength to do things on her own. Thin person may have to go out of their way just to be strong, but for people overweight, their strength is natural. At 300 pounds, it seems that you have the super powers like super heroes to lift heavy objects. But when you lose weight, despite daily strength training, you may not feel powerful the same way when you are 300 pounds. So, when you are overweight, do not take for granted the natural strength that you have. You can definitely carry things without any help.



As a 300 pound woman, you will surely enjoy a big soft body since there are stored fats around you. Your soft body, thus, gives you a comfortable feeling. But when you lose weight, you will surely miss this feeling. You may feel discomfort when you feel the knee bone or you may even complain of a bony butt. Remember, hard seats and tail bones should not meet. But you will never complain of a hard surface to sit on if you have fats in the butt.



When you are as heavy as 300 pounds, you may have experienced being misjudged, mocked, underestimated and even avoided by other people. These hard experiences don’t define you as a person. In fact, these things should have given you more personality and a better point of view in life. Being overweight should help you to have a more meaningful appreciation of your body and your health as a whole. It also allows you to respect other people who like you were misjudged and unaccepted in the society.



Maintaining friendships is surprisingly much easier when you are heavy. Women may trust you more as they see you less of a rival. Your friends are easier to be around you since they can let their guards down. The reason behind this is because fat people are considered to be more accommodating, thus boosting your social appeal to others. When you are not 300 pounds, you may complain of friendships that are peppered with so much insecurities and even rivalries. Several kinds of friendship when you are thin may require more open-mindedness compared to effortless and simple friendship when you are fat.


Big Presence

Big presence means you have big voice, big attitude and big appearance which make you unique and standout in the crowd. However, when you lose weight you may feel that you are walking in somebody else body. You may even feel that your body and personality is not matched. When you lose weight, you may still have a big mind but may feel travelling in a different shoe that does not fit you. But the good thing of being 300 pounds is that you have the actual ability to appreciate abilities and sizes of other people. As an overweight, you can appreciate all the people in all different sizes.



Who says that weighing 300 pounds is not beautiful? You are still stunningly beautiful and attractive even if you are a 300 pound woman. Remember, your body is a part of yourself and that beauty is inherent to everyone. Beauty comes naturally from inside and outside, so keep believing that you are beautiful no matter what your size is. Do not believe in social media that only sexy and skinny people are beautiful. You could be just sexy and attractive because of your personality and your body.



Who says that big ladies can’t find the love of their lives? In fact, there are lots of men out there who really accept, admire and love big ladies. Some big ladies often have problems with their love lives, and they often want to settle for those who are okay with their weight. But if you really look hard, you will soon find that there are lots of men who love women who are big and heavy. So, do not settle for less, there are thousands of opportunities out there to meet and find someone who is really attracted to your body and personality.


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