Rocking that perfect curly hair will always make you stand out from the crowd. However, the curliness in your genes may get to your eyebrow. And those longer, curly brows are only frustrating. This frustration may lead you to doing strenuous, unnecessary stuff just to straighten those stubborn brows. If your hair grows fast and curly, so might your eyebrows. This means it needs daily trimming.


Trimming Is Essential

One of the most effective ways to tame your curly brows is to trim and brush them. And you have to do it daily. First, brush your eye brows. This way, you can see just how long they are. After that, you can trim them according to how you would want them to look. You can use a brow shaper to guide you on how you want yours to look like.

Use trimmer or tweezers to shape your brows. Tweezers can help you with the accuracy. Use the tweezers to remove “cobwebs,” which are the feathery hair on your brows that goes downwards. You also have to remove the hair in the middle of your two brows using a tweezer. There is a natural starting point to your brows. You should recognize it and avoid pulling off too much hair to avoid making your eye brows look unnatural. Use brow spoolie or a clean mascara to brush your brow up, and then use cuticle to trim off the tips. After that, brush the brow back down. If you are still a teenager, or if you have never tweezed your eyebrows before, avoid putting to much arch on your brows. A neatened brow line is enough. Just remove a row underneath your brows. Teens don’t necessarily have to fill in their brows. But if there are any sparse areas, you can use your brow pencil to touch up. Make sure it is a shade lighter than hairs. You can also use brow gel to tame unruly brows. It is like hair gel for eye brows. Waxing is another way to remove your unwanted eyebrow hair, but precision is careful with it, and you might remove the wrong parts


Shaping the Eyebrow

Shaping the eyebrow is crucial, because just like a moustache can make a man look different, does the eyebrow to a woman. The appearance of the eye area of a woman is defined by the thickness, length, and arch or the eyebrow. So, how do you shape your eyebrow?

The beginning of your eyebrow should be aligned to thee center of your nostril. It should follow the length of your eye, but it shouldn’t reach the temple area. The front part of your brow shouldn’t drop lower than the back part of your forehead. That is an important rule to follow because if you miss to do it, it might look like you are frowning. It is important to get the best shape of your eyebrows without sacrificing its natural look. Pencil thin or that overly brushed eyebrows may get too distracting than enhancing your look.


Eyebrow Carer Tips

  • Use pencil that matches the color of your eyebrows. But if you have pale or blond eyebrow, use colors that are two shades deeper than your eyebrow to make it look more natural and less washed out.

  • Work only on the hairs that are there, because the idea is to shade and not to draw on the eyebrows.

  • Remember to fill in only at the front of the eyebrow or underneath it. You can also fill in through the brow itself.

  • Don’t draw the brow color one-quarter inch farther than where the brow naturally stops. It may look like you do not have a brow at all.

  • You must make your eyebrow color look shaded and soft because if they look straight and hard, you will look like a cartoon.

Apply brow gel the same way you would apply mascara to the eyelashes. Brush the wand through your brows. Make sure you avoid hitting your skin and making the eyebrows standing straight up.


If you are a newbie at straightening, trimming and shaping your eyebrow, it will take you much practice to get the hang of it.

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