Pregnancy is the period between fertilization of a female ovary by a sperm and parturition or birth in layman’s language. There are three main stages of pregnancy with specific characteristics that show up in each of the three. These pregnancy stages occur one after the other within the period of nine months under which the fetus undergoes development and maturation. These stages of pregnancy are divided into trimesters. Therefore summing up to three trimesters within the pregnancy calendar period. Trimesters can vary from a female to another and these should not be perceived as abnormality during the week by week pregnancy encounters.

3 Pregnancy Stages

The First Trimester

The first trimester is experienced or occurs in the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy stages month by month. The mother might not experience vital changes as such but some critical changes actually take place to both the parent and the fetus at this particular stage. At this pregnancy stage, the fetus develops vital body organs and it’s a transition from the mass of cells of the zygote to a shaped structure conforming to the human body.

The first trimester is a very important pregnancy stage in that the fetus develops all vital organs including fingers and toes which implies that this stage will with no doubt determine the physical normality of the baby after birth. At this stage, the body of the parent experiences a surge in hormones which comes with many physical changes in her body too. Among the many changes, the mother will experience food cravings, food aversions, nausea, vomiting, mood swings, constipation, swelling and tenderness of breasts, frequent urination, headaches, fatigue and at times back aches within the .

At this pregnancy stage it is very important for the mother to eat foods rich in vitamins to give the developing fetus enough nutrients for the development bones and other major body parts. This calls for a doctor’s advice on nutrition during this particular stage.

Among the things a parent should consider on this pregnancy stage is laboratory test for the first time on the pregnancy calendar. Tests including hepatitis B, anemia, rubella and all other specific conditions that might temper with pregnancy. The mother is also advised to stalk up saltine on this stage to reduce on nausea and morning sickness. The parent can also use sunscreen since at this stage since the skin becomes more sensitive and she can easily suffer from sun burns.

The Second Trimester

The second trimester is the stage of development among the three stages of pregnancy with the least number of complications. This stage occurs from the fifth week up to the seventh month of pregnancy stages week by week. At the initial stages of this pregnancy stage, all complications of the first trimester now seize and the mother now starts experiencing ease and relaxation in the pregnancy period. The baby grows and starts to kick and even opens and closes eyes at this stage of development. The body now takes the pregnant woman shape and it’s at this stage that pregnant women start wearing maternity outfit. However this stage also comes with its symptoms. It is the longest of all pregnancy stages.

The pregnant mother might start having muscle aches and pains once in a while which is normal on the pregnancy calendar. Breasts will swell and even become more sensitive by the day. This is when women will be seen giving a soft massage to their breasts at least to ease the pain and relax their muscle often. In some cases women experience shortness of breath, feel dizzy and even faint due to the fluctuation of body pressure in the week by week pregnancy stages.

Mothers on this pregnancy stage should add on vitamins, eat more vegetables and fruits to keep her blood levels and the fetus’s blood levels the required level. This is also the time to have a peek at your baby to know whether the baby is male or female. This is also the right time to look for baby gears in preparation for the new born. At this stage women are advised to have sex due to the increase in libido and also because sex increases blood flow which has many advantage to the pregnant woman. Walking, swimming and other physical exercises that are not very tasking also help the mother to avoid fluid from accumulating in their legs. Lifting weights also helps tone the muscles at the time of pregnancy. However, lying on your back during exercise should be avoided since it prevents blood flow to the uterus which is very necessary during pregnancy. Yoga is also ideal at this stage of pregnancy stages week by week.

The Third Trimester

The trimester begins from the seventh month to the time of birth finalizing the pregnancy stages month by month. It usually comes with a number of complications in some mothers. At this pregnancy stage it is usually very important for mothers to take in more vitamins and minerals and even other nutrients for the final development of the fetus. Good prescribed diet also helps the mother to accumulate strength in preparation for parturition. 

The best way to come up with a good diet schedule is to visit a doctor and seek advice depending on the doctor’s assessment. Women at this pregnancy stage experience physical discomfort and some may encounter emotional changes at the same time. Mostly, the women are affected with the anxiety of becoming a mother and a good one for that matter. They also start thinking of the day of giving birth putting into consideration their body sizes and capability properties. The fetus undergoes its final growth adding fat layers and final growth.

Prenatal classes are very important for mothers on this stage so as to learn relaxation techniques and to ease labor fears.


All pregnancy stages are equally important and mothers should take each stage with the seriousness and give attention to the needs of each and every stage for a healthy pregnancy. If all stages are treated with the concern and attention during the week by week pregnancy stages, then the parent lives a healthy life in the pregnancy period and eventually gives birth to healthy children. It is also important for mothers to know what to expect and what not to at any given time during pregnancy. This makes the mother give the best solution to any arising challenge at all these stages of pregnancy.


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