Sometimes, you get very confused about a lot of issues. You wonder what is right and what isn't. Here is a brief idea of how I deal with my own confusion.

Part 1

1) 90% of people are blessed already. You haven't just measured up with enough hard work and skill.

2) Success is not luck but calculated progress.

3) Boys don't be so into women, they're like flowers. The ones you are after today will soon wilt, yet there are some waiting to blossom. Nevertheless, there will always be a better lady, anytime you are ready.

4) There are good ladies and gentlemen. Maybe the reason you attract bad ones is because you have issues. Check yourself!!!

5) Humans come in types. Some of us are meant to lead, some to follow, some to do both, but you must do one.

6) You have only one life, so experiment with it. I mean try new things. You are bound to make mistakes but you will come out stronger and smiling.

7) Differentiate between friends and fans. Don't trust fans because they'll leave when the show is over.

8) Don't be too sentimental and most people are not. So, when they know you are, they'll use it against you.

9) Don't be too rigid to the normal course of life. Create your own course that's the fun in living.

10) You can be anything you wish to be anytime you wish to be it.

11) Know the kind/type/attitude of people you love (lovers, families and friends), so you don't get surprised when they act strange.

12) When you fail, it's time to tell everybody about it, that way, you can sieve the chaff from rice. You'll be surprised who the chaff or the rice will eventually be, or better still, there may be no rice.

13) Love doesn't die, infatuation does.

14) Love is not conditional.

15) Don't leave your good friends because you met a new guy or girl.

16) Don't judge the world by what you see on TV, you'll be mistaken.

17) Your pastor could be wrong, God can't be.

18) Life is a bed of roses, if you ignore the thorns.

19) Again, research about who you spend your time thinking about or talking with. You'll be surprised who they really are.

20) Don't believe everything I wrote, but keep it at the back of your mind.

21) Nobody is bad or good, we're all a combination of both when weighed on different scales of morality.

22) Some people won't value you because you don't even value yourself.

23) Some people treat you like shit because they know you aren't but you allow them too.

24) When people expect much from you, don't be like "what do you want from me". Be like "why do they want so much from me?" and answer that question 

25) Don't judge people by what they do, at least not all the time.

26) Judge people by their reaction to things.

27) When someone constantly accuses you of what you never can do and you wonder why, that person is only scared of being paid back in his/her own coin.

28) Relationship is what makes a ma and hard work is just an icing on the cake. Relationship is built on time. So spend your time with quality people not fake people: these are people who use people, no matter how much time you spend with them.

29) The world is a terrible place and it doesn't need your tears.

These words are my own but I can lend you.


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