Long, shiny and simply smooth hair is what most of the people long for. When we see someone sporting straight hair, we often end up asking them how to straighten hair. Hair straightening is trendy and effective but you can’t expect the results to last long. After that, split curl ends and hard strands are going to knock the door once again which would leave you wondering how to straighten curly hair. There’s however nothing to worry about as you too can have lasting straight hair with ultra-smooth texture.

16 Tips On How To Perfectly Straighten Your Hair

Using Milk & Honey

When it comes to hair straightening, milk and honey work wonders. Use one cup of milk with two spoons of honey and add mashed strawberries to make a mix. Apply the mix on hair, wash with shampoo after 2-3 hours and then flaunt the straight strands to people asking about how to straighten hair.

Coconut With Lemon

Coconut milk and lemon juice can be your best friends if you worry too much about how to straighten curly hair. Mix lemon juice with coconut milk and apply the obtained paste on your hair followed by washing with warm water after an hour. Repeat it twice a week and then you no longer need to ask how to straighten your hair.

Using Castor Oil

If you’ve been wondering how to straighten hair naturally, heat castor oil and apply it to hair while gently massaging the scalp. Wrap your hair with a soaked warm towel and wash after half an hour to get straight hair.

Mix Olive Oil With Eggs

Make a mix of two eggs and olive oil and thoroughly massage your scalp with it. Wait for an hour before washing and give a spectacular answer to the people who would be asking how to straighten hair that well.

Aloe Vera

A remarkably wonderful herb, Aloe Vera mixed with warm oil can be used as a hair mask which would condition your hair. It is one of the best tips one can give for how to straighten hair naturally.

Banana Hair Mask

Take two mashed bananas and add honey (2 spoons), olive oil and yogurt to make a paste. Apply the paste like a mask on hair, to be washed after 30 minutes. You get healthy and shiny hair straight away. Now that’s how to straighten curly hair with ease.

Rice Flour Mask

To egg white, add 5 spoons of rice flour and a cup of fuller’s earth. Mix and apply on hair while combing. Wash with shampoo after an hour and repeat this for once a week to get perfectly straightened hair. Fairly easy way if you are looking for tips on how to straighten hair without much hassle.

Milk Mask

This is something you need to try after washing your hair. Spray milk on washed hair and rinse. To eliminate the smell, spray some perfume while combing hair. This milk mask is the perfect answer to your question how to straighten hair naturally.

Banana-Papaya Mask

Still wondering how to straighten hair with fruits? Mash banana and papaya in equal amount and mix well with a spoon of honey. Apply this as a mask on the strands and witness the significant change in your hair texture and shine.


Whip eggs to smooth them and apply to hair as well as scalp. Wash after 30 minutes with mild shampoo and yogurt to eliminate the smell of eggs. You can then tell people the secret of how to straighten curly hair so that the too get wonderful straight hair.


Extract celery juice and leave it overnight in a bottle. Next morning, apply it on roots as well as tips while combing gently. Cover your hair and then wash after 30 minutes to get a spectacular practical example of how to straighten hair easily.

Soybean Oil

Another important ingredient that can answer your queries as to how to straighten hair is Soybean oil. Mix soy oil with double amount of castor oil and heat. After cooling, apply on scalp and leave for half an hour to be washed with shampoo.


Vinegar gives another fascinating technique if you worry how to straighten hair as quickly as possible. Rinse hair with warm water containing few drops of vinegar. Get an unprecedented shine with straight hair in less than 30 minutes!

Milk-Eggs Mask

Beat an egg, add some milk and continue beating. Apply the obtained mix on hair strands and leave for 20 minutes. For best results, you can wrap your hair and then wash them with shampoo to get smooth and silky straight hair.

Almond Oil

Make your conditioner even more effective by adding a few drops of almond oil to it. Apply this new conditioner mix after washing the hair with shampoo. The result? You get gorgeous looking straight hair with lasting effects if repeated twice a week.

Use Rosemary Leaves

In half cup of heated olive oil, add equal amount of dried rosemary leaves. Allow the mix to cool and then gently massage the scalp with it. After leaving it for about 30 minutes, wash your hair with shampoo. To witness the remarkable change, let your hair dry naturally after wrapping in towel. The how to straighten hair procedure was never that easy indeed.

  • Remember to follow instructions carefully and precisely without alterations or fails. This is important if you successfully want to end your search for how to straighten your hair.
  • Do not use a strong shampoo with any of these specified techniques. Mild shampoo will prolong the effect of implemented techniques and you can enjoy beautiful straight hair.
  • Repetition is the key. Make sure to repeat the technique you choose, at least twice a week to get best visible effects.
  • It is important if you want to know how to straighten your hair that you maintain a healthy diet. A healthy nutritious diet will pave way for healthy hair which can be easily straightened.

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