Eye is the most sensitive part of the body, and it is well protected by the eye lids that can blink in a microsecond if you see something coming in your direction. But sometimes the thing coming towards your eye is so small like a peck, an insect or a dust particle that reflex action fails to respond in due time, and the peck, insect or dust particle finds its way into the eye. No matter how cautious you are about it dust will find its way towards your eyes if it is windy, and if that is the case you would know the conventional ways on how to remove dust from your eye.

12 Tips on How To Get Something Out of Your Eye

This article is written to broaden your knowledge on how to get something out of your eye. Whether it is a small dust particle, a speck, a broken eye last (that is the most painful of all) and/or a small mosquito (even more painful) especially when you are riding a bike without a helmet (which is entirely another topic), discussed under are 12 tips on how to get something out of your eye:


Tears are nature’s way on how to get something out of your eye. The moment something gets into your eye, your eye starts tearing and tears no the best about how to remove dust from your eye in specific and in general any alien substance to the eye.

Don’t Rub

This tip on how to get something out of your eye is very crucial and you need to be very careful about it. I have known some real life people who lost their eye just because they couldn’t stop rubbing it while it was dry or itchy. Never rub your eye excessively if something has found its path into your eye. The more you rub the more are the chances that you damage your pupil to a point that it starts leaking.

Wash Hands

Now that you know scratching doesn’t do any good on how to get something out of your eye, you would seriously be looking for help. But before that you need to identify it that is in your eye is. And before you proceed to inspection you need to wash your hands very thoroughly so that no dust may enter your eye while you are examining it.


Use a mirror or the help of someone to look into your eye to locate the itchy substance that is causing you anguish and tears.

Wash In Tap Water

Tap water is the most readily available tool on how to get something out of your eye. Simply wash as gently as possible your eye in clean tap water as something harmful might be there in your eye and if you don’t dilute with water it can damage your eye.

Cup Filled With Water

You can also fill a cup or a bowl in water and teabag your eye into it, this tip on how to get something out of your eye has been found most effective as far as 1st aid treatment is concerned, and is least time consuming. While looking down into the water, look in all the directions to let the particle fall into the water. This also helps on how to get something out of your eye. Keep repeating if you know the nature of particle in your eye unless you see the particle at the bottom of the cup or bowl.

Saline Eye Wash

They are readily available in the market and can be kept in the 1st aid kits at home in case someone is asking on how to get something out of your eye. The method is the same as discussed in previous tip. 1% Saline water compared to ordinary tap water matches the salt concentration in the eye and hence helps effectively on how to remove dust from your eye or anything else as we speak of. You can also prepare saline water at home by mixing salt in boiled clean water.

Wipe With Cotton Swab

Instead of scratching the eye with your fingers use cotton swabs dipped in saline water and try removing the particle while looking in the mirror or ask someone to do the job.

Use a Tissue

Same can be done using a tissue paper, if the particle is big and solid. Otherwise the earlier methods are the best suited for it would not be easy to pick anything from the eye if it is hardly visible.

Treat Your Eye Afterwards

Sometimes if you are not an expert on how to get something out of your eye and the alien particle resides in for long, it may leave a rash and a red eye. In that case eye ointments can be used to treat your eye afterwards.

Take Precautions

Eye is most sensitive organ is prone to damage, and should be taken care of very seriously, for if you fail in getting it done right you are at risk of losing your eyesight permanently for the contaminated eye. Especially when you are riding an open vehicle which may be car, bike or bicycle.

Consult An Eye Specialist

If you know the seriousness of the infection, and not sure on how to get something out of your eye, consult some doctor immediately before attempting any of the 1st aid treatments. A doctor would know how to deal with a particular substance that found its way into your eye and would be able to guide you better. This article however serves quite well on how to remove dust from your eye and even some other solid particles.

  • Rubbing the eye is not an answer to how to remove dust from your eye, better resist the urge to scratch the eye; you can however pick something stuck in your eyelashes.
  • If an insect falls in your eye while driving make sure you part your vehicle aside, and start recalling how get something out of your eye.
  • Always wear helmet with eyes covered, or use shades or glasses. You never know what might enter your eye on your way to work or home.
  • Make sure it doesn’t stay long in your eye.
  • Never use a hard substance to inspect your eye.
  • If the pain persists always go to a doctor for advice.

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