Parent’s most common problem for their kids is how to cut boys hairs. It is hassle for parents to take their kids to salons or barber because kids especially boys are highly energetic. So why not learn on how to cut boys hair with some craftiness. It will save some expanses and energy of parents and your kids will look good all around the year. There are different hair styles you want to style your kid but it will become annoyance to take your child salon every month.

How to Cut Boys Hairs

This article will help parents greatly to solve the problem about how to cut boys hairs.

Gather Required Materials

First step to solve the question about how to cut boys hairs is gather all required materials at one place. Haircutting scissors with different blades for different styling. Beveled blades for layered cuts wile short blades are best for trimming. Hair comb of both types- large and small teeth ones. Butterfly clips or alligator clips of your choice. A towel to cover the neck. A spray bottle or spray gun for hair wetting.

Sit Him Down

The sitting arrangements should be comfortable both for you and child. The room where you are going to child hairs should not have any distractions like television or video games because otherwise it will become difficult for you when child move repeatedly and make it difficult for you to cut his hair. Place a mirror in front of kid.

Occupy the Child Attention

Give him some toy or eatable so child focuses on it. This way it will become easy for you to cut his hair comfortably. This step moves you towards the solution for on how to cut boys hairs.

Wet Is Hair

Moving towards the answer for on how to cut boys hairs. Cover kid’s shoulders with a towel or fabric so no hair gets on his neck later on. It will create irritation or hassle if hairs fall on child shoulders or neck. If hairs are dirty then wash them with a good quality shampoo and conditioner. If hairs are clean use spray bottle to wet hairs and comb them evenly to remove any bed or dangle hair.

Start from Neck

For even hair cutting it is recommended to start form the beck. Make child bend his neck and comb hair evenly to the end to hairs. Hold the scissor at 45 degree and put with the help of your middle and index finger pull out the portion of hairs you want to cut. Try as much as possible to not stretch hairs and best way is to let hairs lying against the neck to cut hairs naturally. This way of cutting style helps you to prevent from uneven hair lines. This technique will navigate the problem of how to cut boys hairs.

Top Side

The answer for how to cut boys hairs is not difficult. Next section for cutting is now the top of the head. Start from back and slowly move towards top of head. Divide the hairs into smaller portions that will help you to cut hairs easily. Put the same pattern of middle and index fingers of the one-quarter inch wide near the top of head. The position of scissors should be pointed outwards. Comb the selected portion and snap it with scissor.

Cut Around the Ears

Pull hairs outwards at 90 degree angle by using the pattern of 2 or 3 inches area. For the safety measures bend child ear before cutting or make child to hold on his ear. Select small portion of hairs for evenly hair cutting. Check the lines you have and also see in front mirror for having overall image. This will help you to avoid any technical deviation.

Cut the Bangs

The important part has now come. The face shape and child’s look hugely impacted by the style you chop their bangs. The sitting position for the front style will change from bow position to straight position. Instruct child to close his eyes so hairs don’t go in eyes and irritate child eyes. Select one inch wide portion of hairs and position them vertically towards outward direction. Wet the hairs for smooth cut. Comb the selected portion and snap them at your desired position. This technique gives you direction about how to cut boys hairs.

Short Cuts

The basic hair cutting is done, now in this step you learn about short cuts for your kids. The material use for short cut includes high quality clippers, thinning sheers and thin teeth comb. Starts from the top of the head, use clippers in a downward position. Use this pattern of clippers again and again until you achieved your desired result. Use thin sheers and thing comb to even the haircut and trim the missed pieces.

Long Cuts

For different hair styling for your child, here you learn about long cuts for boys hairs. The materials for long cuts include fine toothed comb and long blades. Select one-third inch wide portion of hairs near head and pull them towards outwards position. Use long blades and cut to your desired length. Repeat this cutting pattern all along the scalp from back to front direction. Use fine toothed comb to even out any irregularities.

Show Time

The last step for knowing about how to cut boys hairs have come at last. Now take a step back from chair and wipe all the hairs around neck area. Ask him to see his new look in the mirror. Reward the child with some candies for his patience. See it is easy to solve the problem about how to cut boys hairs.

  • Never rush to cut hairs otherwise something will go wrong.
  • Room lighting should be good so you don’t miss small details.
  • Don’t become nervous and take one step at a time.
  • If quality of hair cutting instruments is good then you have more chances to get your desired results.

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