Vanilla, chocolate chip, neapolitan ... just some of the ice cream flavours we have come to love over time. But for those of us who are more adventurous, the flavours I have listed below will certainly tantalize your senses ... or will they? Find out for yourself!


Breast Milk

Why such a nostalgic flavour? Yes, the nutritional value of breast milk is well documented, but let's leave it for those who need it most: infants. Where would we even get enough supply to produce this? 



Compared to some of the other flavours in the list, bacon would be considered relatively mild. One of the most internationally well-loved savoury treats, it would not be too much if a stretch to put bits of it in ice cream. Bacon is already awesome enough, but caramelized bacon? Now that I can still stomach.


Octopus (Tako Aisu)

Now, when it comes to weird flavours, nobody beats the Japanese. From wasabi to sashimi (of practically any kind), it was only a matter of time before someone mixed octopus and ice cream and went "OISHI!!!". Compared to the other flavours, it's quite novel, though perhaps not out-of-this-world.



The Americans will love this one. Cheese is a dairy product already, so it should be a good match with ice cream, no?


Haggis (Sheep Innards)

Scotland wants in on this flavour game too, but sheep innards? Numerous (and may I add, more palatable) ways to consume innards, and somehow ice cream became an option? Now that's something I would want to try, if only to try and discover an alternative for laxatives :P



If I could afford caviar, the last thing I would enjoy it with would be ice cream. But then again, if I could afford caviar, why care how I'm eating it?



This flavour is just wrong. I can understand the need to devise a way to beat these insects, but having cicadas with ice cream is like a really poor version of cookies and cream. Just incomprehensible on so many levels. Period.


Creamed Cod

This one is intriguing; ice cream fried with batter. Crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside. I actually want to try this!


Sichuan Pepper

Sichuan, known for its spicy cuisine, is definitely not a place to draw inspiration from for ice cream flavours. I'm not a big fan of pepper to begin with, so generally not my cup of tea.


Honey Jalapeño Pickle

Sweet, spicy, sour. The perfect combination to satisfy the taste buds. The honey could probably neutralise the pickles, but I'm not so sure about jalapeños. Interesting proposition nonetheless.


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