These people were so good in their stints on ‘Top Chef‘ that it left me wanting more. Time to open your own restaurants, guys!

Doug Adams

Portland's own Doug 'Douggie' Adams made that awesome brisket that left me salivating just by watching it on TV. I need to try it, Douggie!

Jennifer Carroll

Good news for Jennifer's fans -- she has plans of opening her own restaurant soon!

Micah Fields

It looks like he can make some awesome dumplings and other delicious things.

Tre Wilcox

Short ribs, anyone?

Lindsay Autry

'Top Chef Texas' was really lucky to have Lindsay's delicious dishes.

Adam Harvey

I need some of his molecular genius in my life.

Stephanie Cmar

Her pop-up shop 'Stacked Donuts' needs to become a real thing.

Melissa King

In case you're feeling in the mood for some lobster. Yum!

Chrissy Camba

The 'dumpling queen' currently owns a pop-up restaurant called 'Maddy's Dumpling House.' I need to stop chasing her around!

Gregory Gourdet

Last season's runner-up currently works at 'Departure' in Portland, but he needs his own place to do all those amazing 'Top Chef' Asian-inspired dishes!


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