Everyday problems that many of us face in our life include questions like how to get hair dye off skin. Wow! Dear you look great, this hair color suits you. But not look so good no forehead, skin, face or hands. People who dye their hairs sometimes face the problem about stains of hair dye on their skin. This problem can happen even if individual take some precaution or prevention. Commercial or home remedies help to solve the question, how to get hair dye off hands.

10 Tips on How To Get Hair Dye off Hands

Wash Immediately

The very first to solve the problem of how to get hair dye off your hands should be was it immediately. The color at start is present on the first layer of skin. At this stage color has not affect the color pigments so it is advice you to wash your hands immediately after applying your hair dye. If you are dying your hair try to near wash basin or running water so it become easy to wash your stains later on.


Home remedies are always helpful to solve these everyday problems. To identify the answer for how to get hair dye off skin. Apply small amount of any liquid detergents present at home. Use a detergent free of fragrance and dyes to avoid causing irritation for skin. Keep the detergent away from eyes. Use more or less amount that is required to remove stains.

Warm Water

The most common way to navigate the problem of how to get hair dye off skin is warm water. It is most cheap, easy and feasible way to remove stains from skin. Warm water helps you to soften the skin layer that is affected by hair dye and by using soft fabric remove the stains. Soak your hands in warm water for some seconds and then gently rub off the stains. Do not scrub your skin in a hard way it may irritate your skin and leave some reaches.

Baking Soda

You guys know the solution for how to get hair dye off hands; well it is simple use the baking soda. Combine equal amounts of baking soda and any dish washing liquid. Baking soda is extremely effective to scrub off dead skin cells affected by hair dye. Use the detergent that doesn’t have dye and fragrance. Do not apply the mixture near eyes.


There are two ways to use toothpaste to remove hair dye. First, use the fingers to apply toothpaste on affected area of skin. Second, dab the cotton ball in toothpaste and then rub it on skin to remove the stains. Apply the toothpaste in moderation so the skin is covered in thin layer of toothpaste. It helps to remove the dead skin cells so that new cells take their place. Any type of toothpaste work but toothpaste that has soda is recommended. It is safe to apply near the eyes area. This technique is helpful in finding answer for how to get hair dye off hands.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly greatly helps to solve problem of how to get hair dye off hands in a simple way. Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly on affected skin and slowly rub it in a circular motion. Use fingers to rub petroleum jelly but he use of cotton tissues or cotton balls are recommended. After petroleum jelly tainted use wet fabric to wipe off the jelly.

Nail Polish Remover

Right after applying hair dye it is recommended to use nail polish remover to remove stains from skin. Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and apply it on affected area on hands. Nail polish remover contains many dead skin cells so it can easily absorb hair dye from skin. To remain on safer side you should just apply nail polish on hands otherwise your skin may be damage. It is very harsh and harms your skin.


The well-known way to solve the problem about on how to get hair dye off hands are use of gloves. It is recommended to use gloves before dying hair. Use plastic gloves as precaution. These methods are also helpful and effective around forehead. For having better effect of baking soda or petroleum jelly use gloves to cover your hands for longer time period. Gloves help you to prevent for staining your bed sheet. You can use disposable gloves so later you easily discard or dispose of them.

Baby Oil

Use fingers or cotton ball to apply appropriate amount of baby oil on your skin. There should be thin coat of baby oil on your skin so desired result could be achieved. Excess of everything is bad so don’t soak your skin in excessive amount of baby oil otherwise it will affect other areas of your body. Baby oil is safe to you for your hands and face but try to safe eyes otherwise it may irritate later on. For getting better results let baby oil soak on your skin for approximately 8 hours. 

You can use disposable gloves if you are concerned about dirty your bed sheet. Rinse the affected skin with water at the end to completely remove the stains of hair dye from your hands.

Treat and Exfoliate

The hair sprays are also solution for how to get hair dye off hands. You can directly spray it on affected area or also spray it on cotton ball and rub it on stained area. The alcohol is also helpful to remove stains. Don’t try to use hard chemicals to remove dead skin cells or otherwise your skin pigmentation will be affected. Repeat the process to get the better result.

  • Approximately all above mentioned Martials can cause irritation for your skin especially eyes. If accidently some material get in your eyes immediately remove it with the help of water.
  • If your skin gets any kind of burn irritation or allergy then it is recommended to see a skin specialist.

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