A name can say a lot about a person. All parents have to be sure that they gave a proper name for their boy and make sure that baby will love his name. You should choose carefully when you are picking a name for your baby boy and we will suggest you a list of Spanish boy names that you will certainly like.

10 Spanish Boy Names You Will Like



Alejandro is one of the most frequent and most popular Spanish boy names. It is a Spanish variant of the common European name - Alexander. The meaning of the name is derived from the old Greek and it means defender, helper, and guardian of people. The name Alexander means protection or protector, in other words. One of the greatest kings in history, Alexander the Great is the most famous bearer of this name. Alejandro is ranked at #4 name in Spain and # 157 in United States.



This is one of the prettiest Spanish boy names and even the king of Spain is named Juan Carlos. The original name is Charles, and Carlos is Spanish and Portuguese variant. The name Charles is originated from Germanic language and means “free man”. One of the most popular names in history; especially in European royalty. The emperors, dukes, kings and princes, all have been named Charles. Currently, the most famous Charles is Prince of Wales, son of Queen Elisabeth. It’s ranked at # 19 place in Spain and # 117 in United States.



Enrique is one of the most traditional Spanish boy names. The name Enrique is a Spanish variant of Henry. Another name which has its origins from Germanic language and means “estate ruler”. Very popular name on royal courts, many kings, princes and even six Popes of Vatican bear this name. In the French language, Henry is used as a surname, as well. Enrique is at the # 83 by popularity in Spain while, in United States, it’s at the # 414 place.



One of the names originated from Hebrew language and means “God raises”. Jose is a Portuguese and Spanish version of Joseph. Very popular name in history and still is one of the most frequent in Latin spoken countries. In The Bible, Joseph was the son of Jacob and Rachel. He is also known as Virgin Mary's husband and adoptive father of Jesus. If you would like to give your baby boy a biblical name, this is one of the favorite. Jose is ranked # 9 in Chile, # 40 in Spain and # 76 in United States.



Jorge is one of the most frequent Spanish boy names around. The original name is George and Jorge is Portuguese and Spanish version of the name. The meaning of the name is “farming man”, and its origin is from the old Greek language. Also, one of the most popular names within royalty, many English kings was named George. It’s ranked high in Spain at # 18 and Chile at # 30 while in United States it’s ranked at # 207.



Luis is another name with the origins from the Germanic language, from the name Ludwig, and means “well-known fighter”. Luis is a Spanish and Portuguese variant of the name Louis. Very popular name at the French royalty court in history and in United States, as well. Lately, its usage has declined. The name Luis remains popular in French and Spanish-speaking countries. It’s ranked at # 56 in Spain, # 20 in Chile, # 36 in Austria, # 348 in France and # 99 in United States.



Mario is a certainly one of the Spanish boy names you should consider. The name Mario is a Spanish and Italian version of the name Marius. The meaning of the name is “dedicated to Mars”, originated from the Latin language. Mars was the well-known Roman god of war. It is also the name of the fourth planet in the solar system. Mario is a popular given name is some European countries; however, it is not that popular in United States. It’s ranked at # 8 in Spain, # 47 in Croatia, # 99 in Chile and # 270 in United States.



One of the most used Spanish boy names is Miguel. The original name is Michael and Miguel is Spanish and Portuguese version of it. Michael has its origins from Hebrew language and means "which man is like God?” The name is very popular in Latin spoken countries and it’s ranked at # 22 in Spain, # 33 in Chile, # 367 in France and # 146 in United States.



Pedro is another of the Spanish boy names with the biblical background that you can give to your son. It’s a Portuguese and Spanish version of the name Peter. Peter originates from old Greek language and means "rock". This was the name of several saints, including the one of the twelve apostles of Jesus. The film director Pedro Almodovar is probably one of the best-known bearers of this name. Lately, in the United States, its usage has declined. Pedro is ranked at # 51 in Spain, # 45 in Chile and # 354 in United States.



Vicente is the last on our list of potential Spanish boy names that you should consider. It’s Spanish and Portuguese version of Vincent. The meaning of the name comes from Latin language and means "the one who conquered". It’s a very popular name mainly among the Christians and it was the name of many saints throughout history. The name is popularized by the famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. It’s ranked at the high # 2 spot in Chile while in United States it’s at the # 743 spot.



There is a plenty more Spanish boy names that you could give to your son. This is only the list we chose and which we think it would be nice for your baby boy. You can pick one whether you like more biblical names or name of the famous historical figure or a king, this list will certainly help you in making your decision. It’s not an easy job to pick a name for your children, so take your time, explore and research, and we’re sure you will come out with the best solution possible. Whichever name from the list above you decide to choose, we’re convinced that you will not be wrong and that your baby boy will get the name that best describes him.


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