There’s one store we all frequent on a weekly basis and that’s the grocery store. Despite those weekly trips, you might be surprised to find out you’ve been doing it all wrong. Here are 10 common mistakes people make at the grocery store – mistakes that could be costing you a significant amount of time and money.

Part 1


It’s a mistake to ignore the unit price. In terms of value, the unit price can be more important than knowing the final price you pay. It tells you how much a product costs per ounce and will make it easy to compare price between brands and package size.


It’s a mistake to throw grocery ads in the trash. This can truly be one of the most importance pieces of mail you receive!. Plan shopping lists around what’s on sale in the ad and you will save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars a year.


It’s a mistake to only shop at eye level. Stores put a lot of thought into product placement and some brands may even pay for prime shelf real estate. It’s important to scan shelves top to bottom. You may find some great deals hiding if you just squat down or stand on your tiptoes.


It’s a mistake to follow recipes to a T. Get caught up following a recipe and you may be forced to splurge on pricey ingredients. Allowing for substitutions means you can shop sales. If a recipe calls for mascarpone, but you have a great coupon for cream cheese, go with the latter.


It’s a mistake to skip the grocery list. Walk into the store without a plan and chances are you’re going to do some unnecessary spending. Check out the GroceryiQ app for an easy way to create an organized grocery list by aisle.


It’s a mistake to underutilize your butcher. Butchers are there to help. They can clean, trim or cut meat to your desired preference. I’ve even had an instance where a butcher said if I gathered chicken cordon bleu ingredients in the store, he would assemble it for me.


It’s a mistake to not ask for a rain check. If an item is on sale and out of stock, always ask for a rain check. This certificate guarantees you the sale price when the item is back in stock even if the sale is over.


It’s a mistake to give into the power of suggestion. If a sale on ice cream says 2 for $5, you can typically get one for $2.50 but many people throw two in the cart anyways. Resist the power of suggestions and think about whether or not you really need an item before throwing it in the cart.


It’s a mistake to ignore the perks of your loyalty card. Not only do loyalty cards get you great sale prices, but often they offer other incentives like discounts at the gas station or customer rewards programs. For example, around Thanksgiving, some cards will track your spending and when you reach a certain amount, reward you with a free turkey.


It’s a mistake to pick up the first product you see. Due to stock rotation, the freshest items are typically near the back. Reach to the back of the refrigerator and you may grab a carton of milk that lasts two weeks instead of 10 days.


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